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Cyberspace Webrooms is an aesthetic that centers around Online Virtual Worlds[1] from the 90s-2000s. It is a subgenre of Old Web, Y2K Futurism, and Frutiger Aero and as a result, shares many similarities with them. It is characterized by skeuomorphism, kid-friendly interfaces, common setting of malls, schools, streets, low-poly 3D models and in general, the online worlds they take place in.


Further read: [2][3]

The first virtual worlds came in the form of chat rooms where the world was described exclusively through text, and this notably included MUDs (multi-user dimension/dungeon) or MUSHs, the later abbreviation being disputed The first MUD was created in 1978 by Roy Trubshaw and Richard Bartle at Essex University. [4][5]

Neopets was created by then college students Donna Williams and Adam Powell, and launched in 1999 as the first big browser-based virtual pet site which developed into a fully fledged virtual world with social aspects such as the ability to customize profiles and message boards.[6] The popularity of Neopets spawned several virtual pet sites which range in being more heavily based on Neopets, such as Marapets and Subeta both created in 2004. Virtual pet sites as a genre has since expanded to include a variety of unique games with some being focused on the creature collecting like Chicken Smoothie or some being based on the simulation aspects like Lioden.

Webkinz got its start in 2005 as one of the first big toys to life games where players would adopt a stuffed animal with a code that would grant them access to the online game.[7] Its success would spawn other browser-based toys to like games, such as U.B. Funkeys in 2007.

Websites and Games[]

  • American Girl: Innerstar University (inactive)
  • Animal Jam (active)
  • Barbie Girls (inactive)
  • BigLittleBang/Star86 (inactive)
  • Bin Weevils (inactive)
  • Club BK (inactive)
  • Club Penguin (inactive) (many Rewritten attempts have been made)
  • Cartoon Network FusionFall (inactive, Retro/Legacy given Cease-and-Desist)
  • Dizzywood (inactive)
  • Family Guy Online (inactive)
  • Fantage (inactive)
  • Gaia Online (active)
  • Habbo (active)
  • IMVU (active)
  • Littlest Pet Shop Online (inactive)
  • Mamba Nation (inactive)
  • McWorld (inactive)
  • Meez (inactive)
  • Moshi Monsters (original run inactive, Rewritten active)
  • MovieStarPlanet (active)
  • MyCoke (inactive)
  • Neopets (active)
  • Nicktropolis (inactive)
  • Pirate101 (active)
  • Pirates of the Caribbean Online (inactive)
  • Pixie Hollow (inactive, We the Pixies active)
  • Pony Town (active)
  • Poptropica (active)
  • Roblox (active)
  • Runescape (active)
  • SmallWorlds (inactive)
  • SuperSecret (inactive)
  • The World of Cars Online (inactive)
  • Toontown Online (original run inactive, Rewritten active)
  • U.B. Funkeys (inactive)
  • Virtual Magic Kingdom (inactive, MyVMK active)
  • Webkinz (active)
  • Wizard101 (active)
  • WoozWorld (active)