Aesthetics Wiki

Cyberminimalism (or Cyberbougie) is a hyperminimalistic aesthetic that arose in the late 2010s. It pushed beyond Flat Design's minimalism into an even more reductive design style. At its most extreme, it is composed of sans-serif words, color gradients, a design grid and little to nothing else. Originally confined to the web and tech spaces, it later spread into other industries.


Common visuals include:

  • Extreme emphasis on "sleekness"
  • Flat design
  • Avoidance of any morphism
  • Black or white (rarely colored) text
  • Sans-Serif and grotesque fonts
  • Slab serifs
  • Gradients, both normal and grainy
  • Simple, symmetrical geometric shapes likes squares and circles
  • Bento-style grids (especially after their popularization by Apple in 2022)