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Cyberghetto is an aesthetic that intends to create a home on cyberspace for marginalized groups of people. The word is a compound of Cyber (referring to the internet and cyberspace) and Ghetto (generally used as a term to describe a group of marginalized individuals).


Cyberghetto visuals can borrow heavily from Vaporwave, Cyberpunk, Scene, and Hip-Hop fashions, often reflecting on the dark and seemingly-isolated feelings the adherent to Cyberghetto usually feels. These visuals can often touch on some rather dark subject matter like drug addiction, loneliness, heartbreak, and poverty.


Fashion-wise, Cyberghetto can be strongly reminiscent of the Y2K Futurism aesthetic, featuring very bright and bold colors mixed with very shiny elements that can see cuts of black mixed in to make the bold styles really stand out. However, unlike the Y2K aesthetic (where its usage is generally unironic and is what people thought the future would look like), their usage in Cyberghetto has a slightly darker twist to them, possibly leaning some into Cybergoth territory, but without the Gothic undertones.


Many people have criticized this aesthetic for its usage of the word "ghetto" and imagery people associate with being "ghetto." Because of this, it is criticized for being racist or classist, or romanticizing/profiting off of the struggles that poor POC face.


Musically, Cyberghetto tends to borrow heavily from Hyperpop and Seapunk.