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Cyber Stylin' is inspired by dress up games from the mid-2000s to early 2010s, pixel dolls (also known as Dollz),[1] dolls from the 2000s/2010s, and fashionable illustrations of girls from the 2000s/2010s.

The term Cyber Stylin' can be used to generalize the common art styles during the time period, as well as virtual/pixel games, drawings, and illustrations meant for young girls at the time.

Despite the name Cyber Stylin' being a blanket term, there are many different art styles within it, usually depending on the artist.


Cyber Stylin' originates from virtual dress up games that were first made in the 90s. These games soon started to explode in popularity in the 2000s, with there being countless of websites solely dedicated to dress up games by the late 2000s, early 2010s, and mid 2010s.


For the most part, Cyber Stylin' is not limited to one specific look. The look of it can depend on the exact region that the doll, game, or drawing was made, as well as the personal style of the artist. However something that is consistent is a feminine/"girly" look, along with Y2K elements in the clothings/accesories like:

  • Low rise jeans
  • Mini skirts
  • Short shorts
  • Crop tops
  • Tank tops
  • Strapless tops
  • Bling
  • Necklaces, earrings, and bracelets
  • Belts and waist chains
  • Baseball caps
  • Newsboy caps
  • Barrettes
  • Beanies
  • Hand bags
  • Sunglasses

Colors like pink, purple, white, brown, black, blue, and gold are also quite common in this style. It is not uncommon to see a more pastel color scheme or style of clothing. On the contrary, bold colors can also be seen.

Dress up dolls and pixel dolls from some East Asian countries may sometimes have more of a cute or "kawaii" style, but not all do.


Dance Pop and Electro Pop from the 2000s-2010s best suit Cyber Stylin' , however, music relating to modeling, runway walking, and catwalking also suit it. Theme songs for doll brands also work well, and in some cases, Hyperpop too.


  • Miley Cyrus
  • Ke$ha
  • Avril Lavigne
  • Ayesha Erotica
  • Aly & AJ
  • Hannah Montana
  • Ariana Grande
  • Britney Spears
  • Lady Gaga


Examples of Styles[]


Enakei is a Korean digital art depicting young beautiful girls. The style is from the Korean artist Park Suran.[2] Generally, there are two types of Enakei styles. Jennie Enakei, a more realistic and airbrushed version of the style, and Enakei, a more cartoonish take on the style. A similar style seems to be done by an artist named Mellow J. This style seems to have originated from 2010-2012


Dollz are likely one of the oldest virtual dolls, first being made in 1997, originating from the website "The Palace".[3] Similar to the dress up games we know today, Dollz were customizable, allowing you to add clothes and hair to a base body. Dollz are some of the most iconic virtual paper dolls, even having online communities dedicated around them. There are 5 general styles of Dollz: Preps, Minis, Wonderkins, Silents, and Diva. Although Dollz are not as popular as they once were, they still do have a community surrounding them.

Candybar Dollmaker[]

Similar to Dollz, Candybar Dollmaker was a Korean version that was made in 2004. Compared to regular Dollz, Candybar Dollmaker not only allowed you to also customize a base body, but it was also very detailed. These games were very popular at the time, however it is difficult to find websites dedicated to them anymore.

Shoujo Style[]

Shoujo, literally meaning girl in Japanese, is a type of anime/manga genre with the demographic of young girls. The art style is usually very cute, contains exaggerated features, and is very stylized when it comes to hair, makeup, and fashion. Although not all shoujo manga has the same look as other Cyber Stylin' styles do, many do, especially those from the late 90s to 2000s.


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