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Cyber Glacier (formerly known as Frutiger Glacier) is a sub-genre of Y2K Futurism and Frutiger Aero but with a focus on winter-y and icey themes rather than heavy tech or greenery.


Generally, Cyber Glacier heavily resembles Y2K Futurism due to its use of metallic/shiny textures, early 2000s CGI, and icey-blue color palette. It also takes elements from Frutiger Aero such as auroras, glass/glossy textures, and sometimes a modern or even utopian look, this bears a huge resemblance to Icepunk due to them both having a sanitized feel to them and using ice in an abstract form, however, Cyber Glacier imagery tends to be more refined and saturated, as well as being more commercialized.


When people started talking about this aesthetic again, some argued that Frutiger Glacier is just a rebranded version of Y2K Futurism with the “Frutiger” title slapped on top, while others argued that if aesthetics such as Helvetica Aqua and Frutiger Eco are allowed to be separated from Frutiger Aero then Frutiger Glacier should be too. As a settlement for this argument, the name has been changed to Cyber Glacier rather than Frutiger Glacier as it is usually visually closer to Y2K Futurism than it is to Frutiger Aero (in most cases at least).



  • Ice Age (2002-present)
  • Ozie Boo (2005-2007)
  • Doogal (2006)
  • Happy Feet (2006-2011)


Windows 7 Ice Wallpapers

Windows 7 Ice Wallpapers