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Cyber Fairy Grunge is an aesthetic that is like Fairy Grunge in that it combines Y2K fashion, ethereal and feminine elements with grunge, rock, and Goth visuals. However, unlike Fairy Grunge's focus on Bohemian fashion and fairies, this aesthetic is inspired by cybernetics and computers. Glitches, technology from the 2000s, anime, and urban elements are common motifs.

The aesthetic is also linked to, and possibly caused by, a new appreciation for the anime Serial Experiments Lain on Tiktok. This series takes place in the 2000s and involves a young girl becoming involved with a dangerous cyberspace, with psychedelic aesthetics. As a result, many photos and Tiktoks involve this character, and the aesthetic may be referred to as "Laincore" on Tiktok.

Cyber Fairy Grunge is not the official name for the community, but because it largely resembles cyber grunge and fairy grunge, this is the name.


  • grimy urban streets
  • grey sidewalks
  • local gas station
  • crosses
  • stars
  • skulls


The Cyber Fairy Grunge fashion often tends to include:

  • studded belts
  • beanies
  • maxi or mini skirts
  • mittens/gloves
  • star graphic tees
  • low-rise bootcut
  • headphones or earmuffs
  • messenger bags
  • vests/waistcoats
  • platform newrock shoes
  • large cargo pants


  • Chungking Express
  • Fallen Angels
  • Nana
  • Lain
  • Cowboy Bebop
  • Death Note
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion


  • radiohead
  • deftones
  • weezer
  • the cure
  • the smiths
  • mitski
  • gorillaz
  • lamp
  • nirvana
  • beabadoobee