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The Cuddle Party aesthetic is centered around positive feelings and a youthful/nostalgic vibe without delving as much into some of the childish elements of Kidcore. It's more in line with the moment and thinking about the good memories than with any sort of material element. This is generally an aesthetic embraced by more extroverted individuals and doesn't have an ounce of cynicism behind it like most other aesthetics. The old MTV show Sifl & Olly would probably describe this particular aesthetic as "crescent fresh".


Important elements of the Cuddle Party aesthetics include alcohol, weed, glowsticks, watching old cartoons until 3 in the morning, drunk girls telling you they love you while braiding your hair, and breaking into an old barn out of town in the dead of night with some good friends to just hang out and relax.


Cuddle Party fashion tends to involve fluffy, soft clothing accompanied with piercings, stick-&-poke tattoos, worn out and dirty shoes from exploring with friends, poorly dyed and uneven hair (that is often done with friends), tacky thrift store clothing that has been worn out to the point of just being comfortable, and just anything that can remind people of the better times. Any colors can be associated with Cuddle Party, ranging from murkier colors (to represent a chilled-out mood), neon colors (to represent fun and parties), and pastels/grey tones (to represent genuine friendships).


  • Going to a carnival/fair
  • Eating cotton candy
  • Going to the arcade
  • Watching movies
  • Sleepovers


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