This is a set of guidelines for making pages on the wiki, not an aesthetic.

From late August 2020 onwards, Aesthetics Wiki will only prominently display pages that fit these guidelines. You may still create your page and work on it over time with these aims in mind, but it won't appear on our new List of Aesthetics until these are met.

  • Fill out an infobox. This must at least contain a picture and have information in 2 - 3 of the main fields.
  • Link to or upload at least six external examples of your aesthetic. At least three of these must be visual (preferably you will have many more images to upload).
    • Find images. Tumblr and Pinterest are both popular websites for aesthetic communities and image-sharing, and can be used to find relevant photos and art. If you are using a general search engine, like Google, instead of a website, searches containing keywords related to aesthetics may help you find more relevant results than searching aesthetic names or page titles; i.e. “knight aesthetic” instead of “Knightcore”. However, this is not always true; aesthetics like Dark Academia and Cottagecore are sufficiently popular that their names are usually included in posts containing related media.
    • Find the highest quality possible. Image quality sometimes decreases as a result of being shared and downloaded multiple times. You can use a reverse image search (or other methods) to find a higher quality version.
    • Give credit when possible. Some images have creators or photographers that should be given credit. These are sometimes noted in the post the image is included in. If they are not, however, the original poster, artist, or photographer can often be found using a reverse image search.
  • You can and should also mention examples in media (films, books, music, music videos, TV). You could also quote Twitter or Tumblr text posts that mention or evoke the aesthetic. We don't expect an academic level of existing documentation. But please, prove what you're talking about does exist, even if you're the first to notice it and name it.
  • If you take any information from an external source, please cite it. You can add a citation by typing <ref> and adding the link to the source.
  • Some mention of the motives, thoughts, feelings, and/or historical context behind the aesthetic.
  • If adding an image, please name the file before uploading. Many images have long, undescriptive names and are difficult to search for.

Our current standard for an ideal page is Cottagecore, which has grown into a veritable compendium of all things related to the aesthetic.

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