Crackhead (not to be confused with Drugcore enthusiasts who are literal crackheads) is an aesthetic centered around being chaotic, unpredictable, stupid, clumsy, lazy, and inconvenient dumbasses. The term is very popular on Tumblr and among school kids. The aesthetic has no relations with actual drugs.

Chaos and signs of dumbassery can be found everywhere, and so can spilled foods, chipped fingernails, wet socks, lost wallets, unbrushed hair, disorganized workspaces, etc, which are all examples of the eternal presence of a Crackhead.


Crackhead fashion is generally very casual and comfy, including sweatpants, baggy clothing, stained clothing and often accompanied by highly fashionable accessories such as smartphones with broken screens. The style is very urban, similar to Grunge fashion and dollar store clothes.

Colors often associated with Crackhead are red, symbolizing the blood shed by a stubbed toe, yellow, for your pee (because you haven't been drinking enough water!!), brown, for that sauce you spilled on your shirt, black and gray.

Crackhead fashion is less about what one wears, but what one does with what one wears, but the general theme is chaos, chaotic and confusing get-ups, while not necessarily cursed.


Dumbass Memer

Dumbass Memers are members of the Crackhead community who also enjoy Surreal Memes. Dumbass Memers are known for their ironic and often nonsensical sense of humor and social commentary while retaining all aspects of their Dumbass nature.


Bastardass is the fusion of Crackhead and Bastardcore. Bastardass merges both the cursedness and fight-or-flight-activating elements of Bastardcore and combines them with the equally chaotic, clumsy but lovable traits of a Dumbass.



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