Cottagegore (also known as Goth Cottagecore or Dark Cottagecore) is similar to Cottagecore, in the sense it has a strong focus on country life, baking, and vintage items, but contrary to its name, it instead includes darker aspects of nature (including rotten mushroom or plant aesthetics, forest cryptids, spirits or ghosts, and bones found in nature) as opposed to just taking the Cottagecore aesthetic and throwing a bunch of blood and gore on it. It tends to also cross over with other dark aesthetics, like Dark Academia, Crowcore, and Vulture Culture.


The things that differentiate Cottagegore from Cottagecore include:

  • Rain and Fog
  • Poisonous plants and Mushrooms
  • Thunderstorms
  • Thorn Bushes
  • Carnivorous Plants
  • Dark Fairy Tales
  • Tornados

There also tends to be less of an emphasis on the farming aspect that is often seen in regular Cottagecore and has more of a Witchy/Esoteric vibe to it, like a witch living out in the middle of the woods, cut off from civilization, and only relying on her coven of fellow witches to get by in the harsh elements of mother nature. Cottagegore definitely has a reverence from mother nature as a force and an entity that has the capacity to be incredibly destruction


Cottagegore tends to take the Cottagecore fashion aesthetic and runs it through more of a Gothic lens. The fashion consists of black flouncy dresses, black overalls, and old black clothing that can be worn while living a quiet, solitary farm life.


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