Cosplay is the act of putting effort into dressing up as a character from either a favorite movie, anime, tv show, etc. While this is primarily done for conventions of some sort (be it comic book, anime, video game, movie, etc), there are some who will take photos of themselves in cosplay and post them on the internet (Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr in particular are popular platforms for this sort of thing).


While some strict adherents to Cosplay will try their best to replicate the look of the characters, there are some who will, instead, choose to take inspiration from these characters and will try their best to translate their looks into something one could wear on the street without risk of either ridicule or, in some instances, a visit from the police for indecent exposure. If you thought skin-tone limited what cosplayers can do, think again, as there are plenty of cosplayers who will use it as a means to experiment with how a certain character would look in a new light. Speaking of playing with how certain characters would look in a new light, often times more creative cosplayers will take a preexisting character and apply one of the many aesthetics listed on this very Wiki to that character to see how they'd look, so if you're interested in cosplaying a Steampunk variant of Wonder Woman, a Cyberpunk'd Steve Urkel, an E-Girl Sailor Scout, a Cottagecore Goku, or a Vaporwavey Iron Man, that is totally fine to do in the wild, wacky world of cosplay... just so long as you can tell what the source material is supposed to be.


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