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Note: this article is about the graphic design style, not the combination of the Corporate and Grunge aesthetics.

Corporate Grunge is a graphic design style used by companies from roughly 1991 to 2004 for advertisements and covers. The aesthetic revolves around edgy rough textures and fonts.

It is often associated with the "Piracy. It's a crime." campaign that used the aesthetic from 2004-2007, specifically the infamous text "You Wouldn't Steal a Car" written in the XBAND Rough typeface.


The color palette tends to be a mix of muted tones, with an emphasis on earthy hues like olive green, charcoal gray, and rusty brown. Visuals may include collaged images, vintage computer graphics, and retro typography. The use of worn-out textures, grainy overlays, and glitch effects adds a gritty and edgy feel.

Typefaces include FF Confidential/XBAND Rough, Stam Pete, FF Stamp Gothic, and FF Trixie/LTR NCND.