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Coquette is a broad tag/search term that includes feminine aesthetics almost exclusively enjoyed by teenaged girls. The aesthetic evolved since the mid-2010s on tumblr, where the term originated from a community based on pursuing the persona of the coquette/nymphet- a sexually precocious minor who seduces older men, created in the mind of the narrator of Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. Information for this community is found under Nymphet. But because of mass-tagging and the ubiquity of the nymphet community on that site, many photos unrelated to the aesthetic of the novel and film were tagged under coquette.

This page is an index for the many aesthetics that can be tagged under coquette, as well as a brief explanation and a gallery.


Nymphet, also sometimes refered to as Coquette, is an aesthetic based on a character trope originated by Vladimir Nabokov - "Lolita", published in 1955 and its movie adaptations from 1962 and 1997. Nymphet is an illusion created in the mind of Humbert Humbert, the (unreliable) main character and narrator of both the films and book. For the term, it is used by Humbert as a way to justify his predatory actions towards Dolores Haze, his victim.

At around 2014, on tumblr, young women took on this trope for themselves, as it was an aesthetic surrounding femininity, tragedy, and burgeoning sexuality. Contemporary pop culture involved a lot of content relating to teenaged girlhood and the drama/romanticism of growing up quickly and being involved with risqué behavior (see Media section.) Lana del Rey and her album Born to Die is a main inspiration in the aesthetic.

Key West Kitten/Coconut Girl

Key West Kitten (also known as Coconut Girl) centers around the Nymphet interpretation of tropical beaches typically associated with Florida from the 1960s to the 2000s. It creates an atmosphere that expresses the femininity and youth associated with young women vacationing during the summertime.


Waif is a type of blogger who posts content relating to rich, beautiful, intelligent, self-destructive, and manipulative teenage girls, wherein the imagery reflects the lifestyle that such a young woman would have. Largely, "nepotism girls" (female celebrities who got to their fame via nepotism), models, ballet dancers, and boarding school students are examples of these types of characters.

Arguably, it can be seen as a continuation of Heroin Chic, and it was influenced by Dark Nymphet, Fairy Grunge, the Pro-Ana/thinspo community, and the humor of the podcast The Red Scare. In addition to aesthetic images, much of this information comes from memes, whisper confessions, and text posts of things happening within their personal lives.

What distinguishes this aesthetic from the previous aesthetics above is the persona of these bloggers. Rather than portraying themselves as delicate and broken, they put on a confidence and rudeness that shows independence and openness. Specifically, the memes and text posts produced have a flippant or egocentric tone. However, these girls are using it as an expression of their mental illness. In addition to the glamour of independent and precocious lives of parties, money, and influence, there are multiple references to drug use, depression, eating disorders, and the desire to gain male attention from their looks.

Winter Fairy Coquette

Winter Fairy Coquette is a presentation of warm clothing in a coquette - fairy grunge aesthetic.

Since coquette and fairy grunge is very different, this fashion style ranges from looking delicate like coquette, softie, mori kei to the and torn and harsh textures, while having the fantastical aspect of fairy grunge, avant apocalypse, and kinderwhore.

The clothing colors are predominantly white, but may include some pastels, beige, light brown, and dark colors for variety.