Coffee House (also known as Café) is an aesthetic that relates to the qualities of a café. This involves coffee, warm colors, and a calm setting.    


Generally, a Coffee House aesthetic should be rather self-explanatory; lots of coffee, café vibes, calmness, and relaxation with absolutely no place to have to be and feeling as if time is standing still.

  • warm colours
  • books


  • Lots of denim, probably jeans and shorts mostly.
  • Maroon and mustard shirts, simple and laid-back.
  • Overalls, with maroon or black.
  • Anything that looks like coffee.


  • Reading a book in your local coffee shop, with a warm drink at hand.
  • Making a few batches of cookies or cakes. And coffee, of course.
  • Sitting at home, watching Netflix, and sipping on a coffee.


  • You probably live in a small town and have a lot of town pride.
  • You don't go a day without drinking a hot drink.
  • You are either tired, or energetic. There is no in-between.
  • Pretty much your whole closet is maroon, denim and neutral colours.
  • You are never not reading a book and when you aren't you want to be.
  • You probably strive for simple times, without complications.
  • You have a few close friends, but that's about it.
  • You love being comfortable, and won't go out of your way to be pretty/handsome.


  • Plants, like succulents and vines.
  • Simple paintings.
  • Coffee. Mugs.
  • Neutral color carpet.
  • Wooden stuff.
  • Hanging lights.



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