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Cloudcore is a type of aesthetic based on the visual culture of clouds. The pictures are usually taken during sunsets when the clouds have more color in them.


Cloudcore visuals have a strong focus on skies with clouds of unique shapes and designs. Most popularly, Cloudcore visuals are often taken around sunrise or sunset for maximum dynamics. Cloudcore photos aim to capture the beauty of clouds in all their form, including both during the day and at night.




A popular genre of music that can be paired with Cloudcore is, indeed, Cloud Rap, a genre of Soundcloud Rap known for its light, airy, ethereal beats that sound almost like one is floating on a cloud. Another name for Cloud Rap is "Trillwave" which is hip-hop slang for one being "true" and "real", as well as a musical term for two adjacent notes alternating at a rapid pace. A lot of Cloud Rap has a tendency to cross over into Lo-Fi Hip-Hop territory and some might even recognize the sounds of Cloud Rap as background music for shows like Steven Universe.

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