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Chuanye (纯野妆, pure and wild makeup) is a type of makeup originating from China in the late 2010s. It combines some aspects of the earlier chuanyu aesthetic but with the "wildness" of Western glamor. Compared to chuanyu, chuanye is much more striking and and mature but it still retains a sense of elegance and cuteness.


The fashion of chuanye is luxurious and sexy.

Chuanye makeup uses contouring and highlighting eye makeup to create a three-dimensional bone appearance. This style of makeup often accentuates the eyes and uses a large amount of glitter. This aesthetic became popular in the West through Tiktok where it has been dubbed "Douyin makeup", after the Chinese version of TikTok called Douyin.

The chuanye aesthetic often keeps the hair in its natural black or has it dyed blonde.