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Christcore (or Faithcore) is an aesthetic relating to the theme of Christian religious imagery, accessories or decorations in an alternative fashion.


Any Christian imagery is involved with Christcore, but a darker hue is added overtop. This is done carefully as to avoid blasphemy.

  • Crosses
  • Virgin Mary and Jesus (often weeping)
  • Angels
  • Neon lights
  • Churches
  • Cemeteries
  • Christian statuary
  • Bible scripture
  • Religious billboards
  • Fire


Fashion for Christcore mainly derives from Rocker and Grunge but involves more Christian imagery and is more modest. Common themes are lace, leather, boots, and white. Crosses are obviously one of the most recurring symbols and are either worn as accessories or as patterns on clothes.


Christcore also refers to hardcore punk bands that promote Christian beliefs. How these bands promote Christianity, and to what extent, varies between bands. Christian hardcore bands often openly state their beliefs and employ Christian imagery in their lyrics, and may be considered a part of the Christian music industry. Some bands that play or have played Chirstcore include:


  • Christian Rap
  • Christian Trap ( Mostly popular in Latin America )