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Choco Girl here refers to the Kawaii 2000s aesthetic. For the aesthetic that lines up more with an older Western audience, see Chocolate Girl (coming soon).

Choco Girl is a Pinterest and Tumblr aesthetic themed around chocolate, chocolate baked goods, and sweets with Neapolitan flavors (chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla). Specific to this aesthetic, and distinguishing from single-subject aesthetics, is the emphasis on elements of Kawaii culture, including Harajuku fashions such as Lolita(with chocolate-lolita being a specific look popular in sweet Lolita), Himekaji Gyaru, and Mori Kei


The main colors of this aesthetic are brown, cream, and pastel pink

The visuals of this aesthetic, as the name implies, emphasize mainly on chocolate and Neapolitan themed desserts. This is often done through Decoden, where creators add plastic miniature foods to phone cases and other objects.

Occasionally, there will be a technological theme such as Heisei Retro electronics being present, still revolving around the dessert theme. For example, Decoden flip phones.

  • Characters such as Hello Kitty and My Melody in chocolate themed Lolita attire
  • Boxes of chocolates
  • Chocolate bars or things resembling such
  • Electronics with the chocolate theme
  • A dripping chocolate pattern
  • Lolita motifs
  • Cookies/digestive biscuits


The fashion in this aesthetic is borrowed from multiple Kawaii fashions popular in the 2000s.