Chaotic Academia is an aesthetic that involves haphazard routines, messy habits, unusual or banned literature and studying with a passion. It is a subgenre of Dark academia.

It can also be Dark Academia simply minus the class- a messy dark academia. Basically just think Marauders of Hogwarts vibes.


Other activities associated with this aesthetic are:

  • Performing rituals in class with books etc.
  • Spending days on the grounds of school
  • Handing in homework at the last minute
  • School uniforms getting torn or being dirty
  • Food fights
  • Study parties at 1 am
  • Sneaking out of school or skipping class
  • Reciting useless facts
  • Drinking cold tea
  • Anarchism quotes all over notes
  • Reading banned books
  • Leaving annotations in the margins of library books
  • Vandalism that helps you on your exam
  • Always losing your pens
  • Covering your bedroom wall in sticky notes
  • Collecting books written in languages you don't understand
  • Intense and quick obsessions that consume your soul
  • Spacing out in class
  • Swearing and slang while discussing deep academic topics
  • Emptying your pockets at the end of the day and coming to a total of four pens, a pocket notebook, two receipts, and a highlighter
  • Using a rubber band to tie your hair back
  • The floor is the best place to study
  • Lack of time management
  • Taking a "quick break" then waking up at the middle of the night
  • Drinking energy drinks from vintage teacups
  • Going out during breaks in the rain deliberately to get wet
  • Putting your feet up on the desk while you think with your pen behind your ear
  • Scrawled poetry on a napkin
  • Sneaking into the library after hours to "borrow" restricted fiction


  • Button downs open over logo tee shirts
  • Messy eyeliner
  • Heavy boots
  • Mismatched socks
  • The same hoodie every day
  • Patched or torn clothes
  • Too many cardigans and sweaters
  • School uniform but worn incorrectly; neckties around heads, ripped stockings



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