Chaoscore is an aesthetic centered around people who love to create chaos and social blockage. It also involves people who just love to create problems for their entertainment, or for something they believe in. Many of these aesthetic’s themes are based on disorganization and confusing or strange imagery.

Many of the visual examples of Chaoscore show messy rooms or houses, but this is not the entire idea of this aesthetic. Some other examples show people doing strange or foolish activities or pictures that might make you question their existence. Some of these ideas may have some aspects of Weirdcore.

Chaoscore’s sole purpose is to confuse you. In many ways, this aesthetic is a pain to look at, especially for perfectionists. This might be because of its uncountable imperfections.

The messy room part of Chaoscore is unique to this aesthetic, but the items in the mess and how big the mess is might be similar to Trashcore. The dangerous and questionable activities part of this aesthetic might have taken some aspects from Crackhead.


  • Disorganized rooms
  • Random items on the floor
  • Strange activities
  • Confusing photos
  • Misplaced garbage


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