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Changelingcore is an aesthetic that borrows ideas from Goblincore, holding the same idea of mischief, as well as loving the parts of nature that are shunned by others. The aesthetic also holds onto a degree of melancholy, tying back into its original creation for and by the neurodivergent community and the stigma/misunderstanding that often comes with it. Changelingcore was originally coined by (now-deactivated) Tumblr user willow-o-the-wisp as a subcategory of Fairycore that is exclusively for neurodivergent people (for example, people who are autistic, have ADHD, DID, etc.).


  • Being barefoot
  • Fairy rings
  • Big heavy coats
  • Moss
  • Collections (possibly strange ones)
  • Uncanny valley
  • Cute things with a hint of eeriness (i.e. a teddy bear with too many eyes)
  • Liminal spaces
  • Comfort object(s) that you take everywhere
  • Homemade jewelry
  • Doodles everywhere and anywhere
  • Clutter
  • Stimming
  • Shiny things/shinies
  • Stompy shoes
  • Eccentric outfits with lots of layers
  • Dark waters
  • Small streams full of pebbles
  • Copper wire glasses


  • Going to the woods/the sea/hilltops/paddock
  • Nuttering a phrase or counting under your breath the entire way there, getting there and yelling another phrase/just screaming
    • Alternatively, walking/pacing back and forth and muttering the same phrase
  • Running through the forest barefoot or in only socks, for no particular reason
  • Spending hours counting, organizing, and/or lining up collections (possibly dumping them all back into the box so you can do it again tomorrow)
  • Reading books that are too complicated" for you
  • Making homemade jewelry
  • Dying your hair and getting/fantasizing about getting body mods
  • Doodling on everything
  • Stimming
  • Drifting off/Daydreaming
  • Bringing (dragging) almost anything home

Little Changeling-esque Things[]

  • Connecting with animals
  • Not necessarily lying, but not necessarily telling the truth
  • Being alone, but not lonely
  • Laughing off pain and frustration
  • Antifascism
  • An obsession with the morbid
  • Having a complex sense of humor
  • Clothes in many different styles, all worn at once
  • Not being able to form bonds, or alternatively, not being able to break them
  • Sleeping during the day and being up when everyone else is asleep
  • Lots of bruises + scratches from bumping into stuff
  • Echolalia
  • That strange music that transports you to another world
  • Very specific ways to cook food

Reclaiming Ableist Language[]

It is often believed that changeling myths are derived from stories about neurodivergent, disabled, diseased and deformed children. Parents would see their children with one of these traits and believe that it wasn’t their own baby, but that a fairy swapped it out with their baby, causing its deformed appearance. Often times a changeling is considered to be a human and fairy hybrid. This Wikipedia section for Changelings goes more in depth about this.

However, this aesthetic seeks to reclaim the term changeling as a source of pride, similar to how other communities have reclaimed terms that have been used against them. This is also why it is important that neurotypical people should not use the changelingcore aesthetic, as it could be considered appropriative and bordering on slur usage. Also keep in mind that this aesthetic was created for and by neurodivergent people, and that by no means are you obligated to subscribe to any aesthetic that you are uncomfortable identifying with.