Changelingcore is an aesthetic that borrows ideas from Goblincore, holding the same idea of mischief, as well as loving the parts of nature that are shunned by others. The aesthetic also holds onto a degree of melancholy, tying back into its original creation for the Neurodivergent community and the stigma/misunderstanding that often comes with it. Changelingcore was originally coined by (now-deactivated) Tumblr user willow-o-the-wisp as a subcategory of Faecore that is exclusively for Neurodivergent people, for example, people who are Autistic, or who have ADHD, ADD, DID, etc.


  • Being barefoot
  • Fairy rings
  • Big heavy coats
  • Moss
  • Collections
  • Uncanny valley
  • Cute things with a hint of eeriness (i.e. a teddy bear with too many eyes)



Apparently changelingcore isn’t a thing, so I’m going to make it a thing. (creation post)

The Signs as Changelingcore Aesthetics

Aesthetic Description of Changelingcore (OP claims to be original creator of this aesthetic, though the date on posts suggests not.)

A List of Changelingcore Ideas


A Changelingcore board by VibrantVenus

A Changelingcore board by raen


Changelingcore Playlist


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