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Cayetanas are a fairly recent urban tribe, subculture and fashion style from Spain[1]. Their sense of fashion is characterized by their elegancy, minimalism and natural style; they use little to no makeup, basic clothing, minimalist nail styles and chic yet classy and casual clothing. They never wear tight or narrow clothing. Although their outfits are simple, they strategically combine their clothing of choice. The term "Cayetana" was originally used for upper-middle class girls and women from Seville whose families were rich. It's also known that there are several bullfighters in Andalusia called Cayetano[2]. Its masculine counterpart would be Pijos, sometimes also called Cayetanos respectivily.


The most common elements of Cayetana fashion are:

  • Breton-style striped shirts or sweaters
  • Bomber vest jackets
  • Bell trousers
  • Loose pants
  • Converse sneakers
  • Golden bracelets
  • Fabric bracelets featuring the Spanish flag
  • Small golden earrings
  • White short nails
  • Little to no makeup
  • Soft and natural beauty and makeup
  • Elegant and expensive clothing
  • Simple, thin and loose clothing
  • Casual and classic styled clothing
  • Golden rings
  • Short blue or magenta floral silhouetted skirts
  • White frayed hem straight jeans


Some common activities shared by this subculture include:

  • Taking photos in the afternoon as the sun sets
  • Making fun of other people



Some brands typically worn by Cayetanas include:

  • Renatta & Go.
  • Zadig Et Voltaire
  • Scalpers
  • ZARA
  • Mango
  • Brownie
  • Nicoli


Many Cayetanas are known to enjoy criticizing others' sense of fashion, especially those who are into Alternative fashion, 2020s E-Kids and/or enjoy cosplaying. Due to this, various Spanish TikTok users who identify as alt themselves have criticized them for judging others and/or taking photos of these people without consent. They are also criticized due to most people in this subculture being a part of the upper class and often holding conservative and/or right-wing views generally.