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Rainbow aesthetics are usually bright, happy, and childlike in nature, and appealing to those who feel as if they didn't have a childhood, or would like to feel like a kid again, or those who love nostalgia. It also displays creativity and a sense of rebellion & anarchy; going against the "neutral/singular color norm."



Mute rainbows usually consist of more mute and neutral colors with less vibrancy; displaying the calm yet chaotic material of nostalgia & childhood. This can be seen in aesthetics like Indie Kid.


Neon rainbows consist of more flashy, bright colors with lots of vibrancy; displaying alternative anarchy yet pro-LGBTQ+ & pro-alterhumanity themes and the escape from social norms. It also shows childhood nostalgia and the sense of youthful freedom. This can be seen in aesthetics like Scene, Glitchcore, Kidcore, 2010s Internet and Dreamcore.


Pastel rainbows consist of more calm, cutesy colors with little of vibrancy; displaying silly playfulness & childish interests. This can be seen in aesthetics like Pastel Academia, Clowncore, Babycore, Danish Pastel and Unicorncore.

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