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This category contains pages that violate the Aesthetics Wiki's policy against plagiarism. This includes content partially or entirely copied from other sources, generated by AI large language models such as ChatGPT, Bing or Google Gemini, or closely resemble web pages avaiable on the internet without proper citations or credit. Depending on how much content of the page is copied, these articles either require deletion or rewriting with new and original content.

The presence of plagiarism or AI-generated text in a page is generally determined by manual review, comparison with other sources about the main topic (such as Wikipedia and other wiki sites, books or articles), and analyzing the writing style or factual accuracy of the content.

Since this process is manual, simply type {{Plagiarized content|Reason}} at the top of the page to submit a candidate, and change "Reason" to specify which content is plagiarized and from which sources.

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