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Pastel is an aesthetic that relates to pastel colors. Pastels are also known as tints, and are pale tones of colors made by mixing a significant amount of white into the original shade. The pastel colors can be created by adding white, and the more white adding into the original shade, the paler the pastel will be.[1] They can tie into multiple aesthetics, like pastel fashion. They're commonly linked with Kawaii and cute culture. Pastel images often have a dreamy, soft appearance to them, since pastel colors can be easy on the eyes, and evoke feelings of calmness and nostalgia.

Although most commonly associated with fashion and art, stationery, pastel colored food, décor, and in some cases, stylistic landscape/photography.


In the 1980s, there was a trend of pastel colors in men's fashion. In particular, the NBC television police series Miami Vice popularized what was already a growing trend even further as its lead character Sonny Crockett (Don Johnson) exclusively wore pastel shirts and suits, setting a fashion that stood popular years after the show ended. The abundance of pastel was, and still is, also visible in the shooting locations with Art Deco buildings around the Miami area.

Currently, pastels are often associated with kids and/or girls. They are can be seen on baby clothes, as well.




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