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The "Girl" aesthetics are a recent trend on TikTok and Pinterest that refers to aesthetics centered around an idealized young woman from her late teens to early 20s who lives a fashionable and "aesthetic" lifestyle. The aesthetics included have feminine and aspirational qualities that relate to living spaces, clothing, makeup, personality traits, and habits. Here, the emphasis is particularly on being conventionally "cool"- many of the aesthetics here include urban motifs and having a middle-to-upper-class lifestyle.

There is often also a personality component to the aesthetic. As discussed, this aesthetic largely includes conventionally attractive traits and concerns women in young adulthood. Because of this, these aesthetics trend toward extroversion, intellectualism, and other such traits admired by young women. This is displayed in the posts in this aesthetic, such as philosophy book recommendations, images from nights out with friends, and outright expressions of personal qualities.

While the suffix came from 2020s Pinterest and TikTok aesthetics, there is some history to these names. First, the name came from the term "It Girl," which is a young female celebrity famous in the media for being exceptionally mysterious, charismatic, and "cool." Multiple other terms in pre-social media culture, such as "California Girl," "Surfer Girl," "Skater Girl," etc. also existed to describe young women from a particular location or subculture.

Then, the "Sad Girl," a Tumblr aesthetic from 2014-2017 that originates from Lana del Rey's song "Sad Girl," became a popularized term in the aesthetics community. The name became popularized on TikTok with "That Girl," a lifestyle aesthetic that set the qualities of the aesthetic. The term "girl" has also been applied to many other terms on the internet, such as "girl dinner," "girly-pop," "girls' girl," etc. Here, women on the internet relive and create the feminine clique associated with youth, carefree natures, and cute lives often associated with specific media, products, or design trends[1].

This realm of these aesthetics is related to Coquette, but unlike this aesthetic, the people in this aesthetic trend older and is often associated less with being a teenager and vintage hyper-femininity; pink is not a common color in this aesthetic category, for example.

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