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The Frutiger Family (also referred to as the Frutiger Umbrella) are a group of aesthetics inspired by or related to Frutiger Aero.

The Frutiger time period encompassed the zeitgeist of the Mid-2000s (2004) to the Early-Mid-2010s (2014). Frutiger Aero and its related aesthetics/subgenres encompassed and dominated advertising, stock imagery, technology, web design, branding, and media during the period it was mainstream. The Frutiger era succeeded the Y2K Futurism era and preceded the Flat Design era, often being considered the middle ground between the two.

Frutiger Aero itself is increasingly broad leading the internet to assigning subgenres to Frutiger Aero to better understand it and its intricacies. As well as Frutiger Aero subgenres, this category will also list related aesthetics that contributed to Frutiger Aero subgenres' existence, or was popular alongside it.


Subgenre (Definition)[]

A Frutiger Aero subgenre is an aesthetic that owes its existence to Frutiger Aero. These are aesthetics that generally follow both the history of Frutiger Aero (emerging in the Mid-2000s, declining during the Early-2010s) and the rough visuals of Frutiger Aero. Examples include: Helvetica Aqua Aero, Frutiger Eco, Dark Aero, and Frutiger Aurora.

Related Aesthetic (Definition)[]

There are many aesthetics that are related to Frutiger Aero, but don't directly owe their entire existence to it. These are usually aesthetics that were popular during the same era as Frutiger Aero (c. 2004-2013) that sometimes overlap with it, but are distinct enough visually and historically to be considered a different aesthetic. Examples include Frutiger Metro, McBling, Vectorflourish, Surfcrush, & High Cleancore.

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