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Coquette is a broad tag/search term that includes feminine aesthetics generally associated with Lana Del Rey and mostly enjoyed by teenage girls. The aesthetic evolved since the mid-2010s on Tumblr, where the term originated from a community based on pursuing the persona of the nymphet—a sexually precocious young girl who seduces older men, created in the mind of the unreliable narrator of Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. However, it is important to note that the majority of Nymphets don’t support the sexualization of little girls, instead it focuses more on age gaps and daddy issues. Information for this community is found under Nymphet. But because of mass-tagging and the ubiquity of the nymphet community on that site, many photos unrelated to the aesthetic of the novel and film were tagged under coquette. For example Bubblegum Coquette derives from Nymphet combined with the 2014 Girly aesthetic that was popular at the same time.

Coquette is a French word referring to an attractive, flirtatious young woman (not little girl which is why the term is preferred). This style can overlap somewhat with the Babygirl aesthetic as both are sometimes associated with daddy kinks and DDLG and can also have similar visuals.

Now, coquette is a broad search term for hyper-feminine aesthetics that incorporate elements of youth and teenage girlhood. The visual elements of the different aesthetics vary greatly, but they generally involve an emphasis on girly fashion and share an appreciation for Lana del Rey's music and aesthetic, due to her songs focusing on girlhood and flirtation/seduction. The aesthetic is also contrary to the visuals favored by most teenaged girls, as all variations involve things that are "frillier" and more vintage in appearance compared to mainstream trends.

Sometimes, there are mentions of sex, mental illness, and drugs, but this is not unusual in the culture of high school-aged girls. The imagery of coquette is considered in line with conventional attractiveness in Western society, with a large part of the community focusing on appearing attractive such as in fashion, makeup, and sometimes body type.

This page is an index for the many aesthetics that can be tagged under coquette, as well as a brief explanation and a gallery.

Some other aesthetics that are similar but still different from coquette include uptown girl, downtown girl, rockstars girlfriend, balletcore, morute, cherry babe, kinderwhore and babygirl.

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