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Community Identified aesthetics are ones that the wiki contributors named and listed, but there is not a distinct aesthetic manifesto, community, or tag. These aesthetics do exist, with clear and connectable links because of location, theme, age group, color palette, etc. This includes aesthetics that came before the importance of naming, general milieus, media with shared tropes, communities that are not online, etc.

Note that when searching online, these names would not be the official name or turn up any results. Instead, the titles of the pages come from the creator of the page, and are labeled to best describe the aesthetic in three words or fewer. To find the aesthetic online, one should instead search for the different visuals and find the components that exist- for example, when researching Vintage Parisian, one should search "Laduree," "pink roses," and "Old Hollywood" to find users who post about the aesthetic.

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