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This is a page made solely for articles under consideration for deletion from the Aesthetics Wiki.
To submit a candidate, simply type {{Delete}} at the top of the page.
To avoid your aesthetic winding up on this page, be sure to provide as much information on your aesthetic as you can muster up. If you are still confused, consider reading our Wishlist.

If your aesthetic is on this page, it means that the aesthetic is likely:

  • A single photo subject. An aesthetic needs to have five distinct and unrelated visuals. An item that is simply the same color palette or with an image of the subject is not a distinct visual. See the FAQ for a more in-depth explanation.
  • Under 100 words. This is the minimum for a page, and any page that does not reach this either needs a lot of work that the page creator was not willing to put in or has too little information to be a proper aesthetic.
  • Redundant to a pre-existing page. Slight differentiation such as excluding one or two objects is not enough to make it different and justify a new page.
  • Not properly formatted. To see the proper format, please look at other articles and play around with the editing bar on top to create correct headings and topics.
  • Based on pre-existing media. We do not accept aesthetics surrounding a certain work of fiction, as they are built on aesthetics that already exist.

Currently, there are 154 articles, 969 files, and 9 categories under consideration for deletion, for a total of 1,132.

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