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Black is an achromatic color that results from the absence or complete absorption of light. It is the darkest color.


The color black has many meanings.

According to BournCreative, it relates to:

  • Power
  • Fear
  • Mystery
  • Elegance
  • Authority

Black has historically been associated with:

  • Night
  • Death
  • Mourning

Variance in Cultures[]

In Europe and North America, the color black is associated with the meanings mentioned above as well as secrets, violence, and magic.

In Japan, black is associated with the color of eyes and hair. Black in Japan also represents formality (or formal events), unhappiness, bad luck, misfortune, and/or femininity. In China, black has other positive connotations, like good health and prosperity, as well as negative connotations, like destruction, evil, cruelty, and sadness. The color black in India can symbolize lack of desirability, evil, negativity, and the absence of energy.

In Middle Eastern countries, black can represent both rebirth and mourning.

In West African countries, black is associated with spiritual energy, maturity, funeral rites, and mourning. In East African countries, black represents maturity and masculinity (as well as previously mentioned associations). In South Africa, black represents profound spiritual energy and maturity. And black in North African countries represents death, darkness, the underworld, life, birth, and resurrection.

In Latin American countries, as well as South American countries, black represents masculinity and is also used for mourning.

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