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The Badass aesthetic is characterized by a subverted rebellious and edgy style that more times than not, mockingly exudes confidence and nonconformity. It embraces elements of sometimes goofyness / better to be called Improvisation, and second-guessing; street-life attitude.

  • Ripped jeans or distressed denim
  • Band t-shirts or graphic tees with bold prints
  • Boots or sneakers with a worn-in look
  • Smoky or intense eye makeup
  • Chains or studded accessories
  • Denim vests or leather vests
  • Confidence and a carefree (often times "goofy") attitude

The badass aesthetic is often associated with a sense of shortcut thinking, and it (only) appeals to individuals who want to project an image of being independent and unpredictable. It's about embracing a edgyness and speciality, uniqnuess more times than not; while not always truth.

Sometimes, people with this trait can just be themselves, not thinking of consequences or embarrassment if such behaviour come-off as stupid, fake (pose) or inappropriate for the situation.

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