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This is a category for any aesthetic, trend, fashion style or literary genre related to anime, or alternatively, aesthetics that often use anime imagery.

Moe Swag[]

Moe Swag, also called Gangstas with Waifus, is a meme aesthetic that combines elements of Gangstæxtemism with Animecore. The aesthetic consists of edits, graffitis and art of real life people with anime characters, and it also has manifestations in Rap and Hip-Hop songs inspired by Anime.




Itasha is a subculture of car culture, where people will decorate their cars that are themed after different anime, manga and video game characters. Itasha can also extend to motorcycles (which is referred to as itansha), bicycles (which is referred to as itachari), aircraft, computer cases, bags (which is referred to as itabag) and consumable automotive products. The Itasha aesthetic has even extended to the world of motorsports (see below in the gallery).

Magical Girls[]

The Magical Girls aesthetic revolves around the heroines of magical girl manga, anime, comics, and games. The primary focuses of the aesthetic are the outfits, weapons, and transformation imagery.


Shoujo is a genre of Japanese manga targeted at young girls and women. Although the art style of shoujo can vary from artist, there are generally distinct characteristics in lots of shoujo manga, such as large and detailed eyes, as well as slender figures on characters.


Yandere, derived from the Japanese words "yanderu" (to be mentally ill) and "deredere" (lovey-dovey), describes a character archetype with an unhealthy love-related obsession that often results in violent outbreaks triggered by unrequited love or disappointment. Another similar type of character would be Yangire, who turns violent regardless of love.

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