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Catcore is an aesthetic that focuses on the theme of cats, and what cats like, from domestic cats to feral, to wild. Some examples would be leopards, lynxes, cheetahs, wildcats, ocelots and of course, the domestic cat.

This aesthetic is for people who relate to cats and their behaviour on a personal level, and it's something that people can use to help them express themselves and what they're like, in a way that makes sense to them, similar to Catgender.

The underlying staple of this aesthetic is cats, it's an aesthetic or theme that can be and often is combined with another aesthetic. For instance cottagecore + catcore, or synthwave + catcore, you can find moodboards of combined aesthetics down in the gallery for examples.


  • Cat towers, toys, radiators, blankets, cardboard boxes, glowing lights, lava lamps, sensory products
  • Trees, secret small places in urban areas, fields
  • Digital art of cats and cat-like people


  • Most of the time catcore involves clothes that reference cats in one way or another, whether that be wearing clothes with feline(s) on it, wearing clothes that LOOK similar to a feline, like leopard prints, tiger prints, gloves with paws on, socks with paws on, cat ears, cat tail, etc.
  • Makeup is another important factor to this aesthetic, often including feline face-paint, painted nails to look like claws, anything that would make a person look more like a cat.

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