Casino is an aesthetic that is based around the theme of casinos, gambling and coin games.

The design of casinos are about subtly creating a pleasant atmosphere to reduce stress and convey a "playground" environment, thus encouraging patrons to spend more money.

In some ways, Casino can be paired very well with both Cartelcore and Stripcore, since all three cater to "deadly" vices (Cartelcore catering to gluttony with hints of greed and wrath, Stripcore catering to lust, and Casino catering purely to greed).


Casino visuals will have a strong focus on Casino culture and Casino games, but can feature a lot of neon lights, Slot machines, casino tables, alcohol, and from there can diverge between two different kinds of Casino: High Roller and Tourist.

High Roller Casino will generally carry more of an air of opulence and elegance, touching into Boujee territory as what better way to show one's status and wealth than by putting it on the line against other people to prove their meddle.

Tourist Casino, meanwhile, has more of a relaxed, playful, and fun atmosphere to it. It's nothing serious, just going out and having some clean, adult fun without getting too serious. Tourist Casino notes that, while it would be nice to strike it big, it's ultimately just about the fun and not getting overboard with gambling away all of your money.


High Roller Casino fashion includes suits and ties and can share a lot in common with the Lounge aesthetic, as well as really nice dresses and High Roller Casino fashion can make one look like they walked out of a James Bond film. High Roller Casino individuals tend to hang around the table games (Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, etc)

Tourist Casino fashion tends to be a bit more lax (simple t-shirts and what not) and shares a lot in common with Vacation Dadcore, with added fanny pack for fun effect. Tourist Casino individuals will tend to hang around the Slot machines and machines of that nature.



  • Oceans 11
  • Oceans 12
  • Oceans 13
  • One Eyed Jack's from Twin Peaks
  • Money Plane


  • Kakegurui
  • Kaiji


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