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Cargopunk desktop trinket

Cargopunk is a microgenre of music and æsthetics created by Grimtown Records as a joke. It was the subject of a fakepilation titled simply Cargopunk and revolves around anything that has to do with cargo; cargo pants, multiple pockets, shipping containers, freight helicopters and freight ships etc. Like Urbancore the style focuses on industrial architecture, such as docks, loading bays and transport veins.


The main visual motif is the shipping container, in all its variants. Especially well used and rusty. Miniaturized shipping containers as desktop props, wastebins and furniture are highly sought after, as well as garbage can penholders and other trinkets inspired by shipping and industry. Additionally no Cargopunk adherent would be caught without several plastic storage containers in their living space.


Inspired by techwear and ninjagoth, Cargopunk features urban and baggy clothing with backpacks, ample pockets and comfortable streetwear.

  • Tactical clothes, tools and backpacks
  • MOLLE loadbearing gear
  • Cargo pants
  • EDC tools such as multitools and Leatherman .
  • Belts
  • Carabiners
  • Parachord

MOLLE backpack with several extra storage pockets.