Caninecore is an aesthetic based off of canines, this paticular aesthetic ranges all the way from human bred dogs to wild wolves.

Caninecore is often influenced by therianthropy, animal-hearted people, pet regressors and furries. Caninecore is particularly popular on tumblr and pinterest and within the general art community.


Canine core often includes (nearly exlusively) pictures of wolves and other canines, as well as possibly mountain scenery for the ideal visual of travelling in a pack that followers of Caninecore desire.

Colours involved with this aesthetic are natural colours such as greens, browns, and other earthy tones. There's a lot of range within the aesthetic, going from house dogs, to street dogs, to wolves.


Caninecore fashion sometimes contains visuals of canines, whilst other times it may be clothing that reflects the general vibe of the aesthetic. This may include flannels and hiking apparel.

One store that could be considered caninecore is dogecore, dogecore often includes visuals of dogs and has a general memecore aesthetic. Since caninecore is linked to the art community, fashion may include canine themed designs from independent artists on sites such as Etsy and Redbubble.


Caninecore music varies. Softer music may link into the domestic dog side of caninecore, whilst alternative music often links to the more feral side. Music popular within the feral side includes: Mother Mother, Girl in Red, AJJ and The Crane Wives.

A musical named "The Dogs of Pripyat" is currently being made, this musical is about the dogs who were abandoned after the Chernobyl power plant disaster. This musical fits into the darker side of the caninecore aesthetic. You can listen to it on soundcloud. This musical contains darker and possibly triggering themes.

Spotify Playlists

caninecore mostly based off of the darker, feral, side of caninecore.


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