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Cagoles are a subculture of women that originated in the area of French Riviera, in the region of Provence, France. They dress and behave as "bimbos". It made its debuts as a slightly offensive slang word in the early-mid 2000s, but quickly was reclaimed as a proper lifestyle by Cagoles themselves. The aesthetic encountered an agonizing death in the mid 2010s, although the term is still used in its home region, as it's closely tied to Provençal culture.


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Cagole fashion doesn't differ much from the usual 2000s bimbo fashion. Hair is long, straightened and either of a natural colour or dyed blond. Tanned, hairless skin is the norm - it is often covered in thick foundation mismatching the wearer's carnation, giving it that infamous cakey look. Concerning makeup, blue or white eyeshadow is associated with a kohl liner, and lips are over-lined with a nude lip pencil. Jewelry is common: garish necklaces, ear hoops and philtrum piercings to name but a few items.

Clothing is revealing, with little cleavage coverage, low cuts and sometimes exposed underwear. Regular outfits frequently include the following: pencil skirts, skinny jeans, yoga pants, leopard fur patterns, tight dresses, tank tops, stiletto heels, fur boots.


Cagoles are known for being loud, promiscuous, and sometimes likely to argue or throw hands for reasons lacking common sense. They are mainly mocked by the major part of the French population, but some people still praise them for being carefree, strong women.


  • French reality show Les Marseillais (2012 - present) is based on the concept of superficial, hot-headed Southern people living together in a foreign country for a few months.
  • La Cagole de Marseille is a French blonde beer created in 2003.


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