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Note: This page used to be a page called "vintage." That can now be found in the category page "vintage," with this one page being a way to look up aesthetics by the decade they occurred/were created.

Decade Generalities of Aesthetic Culture
1890s During the 1890s, there was still a dependency on region, national culture, and social class in determining what a visual culture looks like. However, as media such as photography, printmaking, literature, newspapers, artistic movements, etc. developed, there became a greater awareness of the different ways of life and cultures that exist. Many people yearned for, consumed, and depicted cultures that were beyond their own region and class.
1990s The 1990s saw the beginnings of the internet, which resulted in many early Web aesthetics as people started to develop computer-based graphics for design.
2000s The 2000s are the decade where internet usage becomes more mainstream, with different websites being places where youth can gather. Because of this, many youth subcultures began to proliferate on early social media such as MySpace.
2010s As social media began to grow during the 2010s, so too did the various trends and niches. The spread of different aesthetics became much quicker, and alternative subcultures began to gain commercial influence. Online shopping and microblogging becomes more common, and the idea of an Internet Aesthetic develops on Tumblr. Pinterest and Instagram also become popular, allowing for the spread and collection of photographs.
2020s The 2020s are a further development of social media, both by people within it, as well as marketers and brands trying to cater to this audience. Notably, the short-form video app TikTok becomes incredibly popular, and Internet Aesthetics are now commonly known am

ong the mainstream.

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