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Most of the pages on this wiki are not color-categorized yet. This table is new, and the number of pages categorized will grow with community help.

This table shows the category pages for colors. Pages on this wiki are tagged with the color name in bold/linked, as determined by the aesthetic's most common visuals and images of clothing.

Color is incredibly subjective; these categories are not definitive or perfect, but are good enough for general searches. Because of this subjectivity, page categories under the colors are not a priority in moderation, and shades do not have to be perfect. For example, an aesthetic that incorporates mostly lavender can stay under purple, even if medium purple isn't present in the aesthetic.

Color Category page and explanation
Rainbow involves all colors of the rainbow in a bright/medium-hued palette. Aesthetics that include the rainbow are considered more "fun" and child-like.
Grayscale is the category where photos are in black-and-white. Photo-heavy aesthetics that predate color photography go here too.
Neons are a shade of color where the hue and saturation becomes extreme and stands out. These colors are common in more "party" aesthetics that are purposefully loud.
Mutes are colors where the hue is dull and dark. These are often used in realistic aesthetics, as opposed to more whimsical ones. Darker colors are also seen as masculine.
Pastels are shades of colors that are pale and soft. Often, they are associated with the springtime, femininity, youth, and delicate aesthetics.
White is the lightest color and is achromatic. In pigments, bringing white makes it brighter and softer.
Grey is a neutral, achromatic, intermediate color between black and white. It can range from very pale to very dark. This category will also include silver/metal.
Black is an achromatic color that results from the absence or complete absorption of light. It is the darkest color.
Red is a primary color in all color models. Here, the color includes the popular, brighter variations. Darker shades are under maroon, and light red is commonly known as pink.
Maroon, also known as burgundy, wine, blood, dark red, and many other variations, is a shade of red that incorporates brown, black and purple.
Coral, also known as peach, salmon, and melon, is a shade of orange combined with pink.
Orange is a shade between red and yellow. It can vary from being more red to being more yellow.
Burnt Orange, also known as dark orange, is a shade of orange with a darker hue, often bordering on brown.
Cream is light brown, often registering as light yellow. It is considered a neutral color that is not as harsh as white. Ivory, beige, and vanilla are alternative names.
Tan is also known as khaki. It is a lighter shade of brown. Like the other colors in the brown family, it is a neutral color and referred to as an earth tone.
Brown is an extremely dark shade of orange that is considered another color family on its own. It is incredibly common in plants, animals, and food.
Pale Yellow, also known as butter, lemon chiffon, and many other colors, is a yellow combined with white and is considered a pastel color.
Yellow the color halfway between red and green on the RGB color wheel. It, like many of the colors of the rainbow, can tie into multiple aesthetics.
Gold, also known as dark yellow and goldenrod, is a shade of yellow that leans towards brown and orange. This category includes both gold, the metal and the colors.
Chartreuse, which is also known as yellow-green, is the combination between green and yellow. It is typically associated with nature, but is often seen as undesirable.
Olive is a dark yellow-green that may incorporate some brown. It is popular with aesthetics that are murkier and darker, often with a nature or military motif.
Light Green is the color green lightened with white. It can also be called pistachio and tea green. It often crosses over with mint.
Neon Green is an extremely harsh and bright shade of green. It is one of the colors used to create other colors on lights and screens.
Green, is a color that is one of the main three on the RGB color triangle. This category includes the neutral and medium greens, often found in nature.
Dark Green is a duller and darker shade of green that is also known as forest and evergreen. Like these two namesakes suggest, it is commonly associated with nature.
Mint is this wiki's chosen name for the pastel shade of blue-green. It is also commonly known as aquamarine, seafoam, and opal.
Cyan is one of the shades in the color triangle, along with magenta (neon pink) and yellow. It is a bright and neon color that is between blue and green.
Teal can also be known as turquoise. It is a shade of dark blue-green that is associated with turquoise, a type of stone, and the ocean.
Light Blue, also referred to as sky blue, is a light shade of blue that may incorporate some grey. It often crosses over with mint and lavender.
Neon Blue is a harsh and bright shade of blue known for being incredibly hard to create in pigments. However, it is one of the colors for electronic lights.
Blue is one of the main primary colors. The shades of blue included here are middle shades. It is a common favorite color, and has a wide number of shades.
Navy is a common name for dark blue. Its namesake originates from naval uniforms. It can sometimes border onto black.
Lavender is also known as light purple. It can be grayish, more red/pink, or more blue, such as in periwinkle. Paler shades of purple are popular in softer aesthetics.
Blurple is a combination of blue and purple, hence the name. However, it can also be darker, bordering on navy. Blue-ish shades of purple go here.
Purple is a combination between blue and purple. It can lean more towards blue or purple, hence the shades above. It is a shade associated with royalty.
Light Pink is a shade of pink that is lighter. The lighter and more pastel shades are the most common shades of pink, and is what most people think when hearing "pink."
Fuchsia is a reddish purple, as opposed to blurple above. It is commonly seen as a bold color associated with femininity.
Magenta, also known as neon pink, bright, deep, or hot pink, is a bright color between pink and purple.