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Suffix Explanation
Cute Aesthetics that are cute.
Creepy Aesthetics that give a sense of unease and danger due to darker themes such as death and horror.
Electronic Aesthetics that involve electronics, the internet, and computer graphics.
Feminine Aesthetics that are aligned with what is typically considered feminine and has a majority female audience.
Masculine Aesthetics that are aligned with what is typically considered masculine and has a majority male audience.
Mainstream Aesthetics that are seen as in line with current trends and normalcy.
Mature Aesthetics associated with adulthood.
Youthful Aesthetics associated with children and teens.
Sexy Aesthetics that use sexual imagery and illicit sexual feelings.
Wealthy Aesthetics that show displays of wealth.
Futuristic Aesthetics that take place or evoke the popular imagination of what the future would be like.
Vintage Aesthetics that are connotative of a past era through visuals, music, and fashion styles of what was trendy in decades before the current appreciator. Most designers and tastemakers tend to agree that vintage needs to be 20 years old to be considered such[1]. Because this is the 2020s, anything during/before the 2000s is considered vintage. However, designers tend to refer to anything before 100 years ago antique, which limits vintage to after the 1920s.
Alternative Alternative, also known as Alt is an umbrella term that can describe anything that sits outside of the mainstream. This could include Punk, Grunge, Emo, etc. Sometimes, if a subculture is particularly popular (rock is an example of this), alternative rock would be its own sub-genre outside of 'mainstream' rock.
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