Butterfly is an aesthetic based on the insect of the same name. The aesthetic involves one or more butterflies either on a pastel background or in the wild. Monarch butterflies are especially popular in this aesthetic.


  • Butterflies
  • Wings
  • Nature
    • Trees
    • Fields
    • Flowers
  • The sky
    • Sunsets
    • Sunrises



Butterfly fashion often utilizes black outlines and white accents, complementing either a single bright color or multiple, designed after a butterfly wing. Clothing in this aesthetic can vary in focus between a particular species of butterfly, multiple, or fantasy butterflies. The monarch butterfly is especially popular. Though often eccentric and feminine, butterfly and butterfly-inspired aesthetic can be incorporated into many different styles, as well as other aesthetics.


  • Heavy mascara
  • Fake eyelashes
  • Winged liner


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