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Butterfly is an aesthetic based on the insect of the same name. The aesthetic involves one or more butterflies either on a pastel background or in the wild. Monarch butterflies are especially popular in this aesthetic.


  • Butterflies (often in groups or clusters)
  • Wings
  • Nature
    • Trees
    • Fields
    • Flowers
  • The sky
    • Sunsets
    • Sunrises
    • Clear, summer-y
  • Fruit
  • Simplistic backgrounds, with complex subjects
  • Natural, muted tones



Butterfly fashion often utilizes black outlines and white accents, complementing either a single bright color or multiple, designed after a butterfly wing. Clothing in this aesthetic can vary in focus between a particular species of butterfly, multiple, or fantasy butterflies. The monarch butterfly is especially popular. Though often eccentric and feminine, butterfly and butterfly-inspired aesthetic can be incorporated into many different styles, as well as other aesthetics. It is common in jewelry, mostly simple necklaces or rings.


  • Heavy mascara
  • Fake eyelashes
  • Winged liner
  • Bright pops of color




A subcategory of Butterfly, that is more night-based. It has a larger focus on neon, glow, or shine. It also has a sort of "fuzzy" approach to it. Moth could be considered the "edgier", less known version of Butterfly. This subgenre is overall darker, yet still has the same soft tones. Visuals include:

  • Moths and moth wings
  • Drab, unsaturated colors
  • "Fuzzy" effects
  • Dark settings, with a singular point of bright light/shine
  • Sometimes near realms of creepy or unsettling
  • Moons and stars