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Brazilian Pop Bar is an aesthetic centered around designs on popular bars in Brazil.

The aesthetic emerged when, during the imperial period in Brazil, many low-income gentlemen used their homes as wine cellars and bars to earn money.


  • Drink refrigerators, more precisely for beers and cachaças from brands such as Skol, Brahma and 51
  • Cover or local bands
  • Conversations and jokes
  • Television showing football or soap operas
  • Karaoke
  • Amber color light
  • Beer, caipirinha, alcohol or cachaça accompanied by churrasco (barbecue)



  • Bar Esperança (1983)
  • Boleiros – Era Uma Vez o Futebol... (1998)
  • Estômago (2007)
  • E aí... Comeu? (2012)
  • O Concurso (2013)
  • Aumenta que é Rock'n Roll (2024)


In Brazilian bars, the music tends to be diverse, varying in different musical styles and ranging from Brazilian artists to international artists, although this varies greatly from each region of the country. Brazilian musical genres such as pagode, sertanejo, forró and their variations are widely played by local bands, many of these bands tend to be covers or sometimes choose to create their own version in portuguese of the songs by international artists, very present in forró. Other associated Brazilian genres are MPB (Brazilian Popular Music) and Brazilian rock, mainly punk rock, hardcore and ska-punk.


  • The Doses
  • Cheiro de Calcinha
  • Tequila Baby
  • Raimundos
  • Rumbora
  • Baba Cósmica
  • Tihuana
  • Virgulóides
  • Maria do Relento
  • Matanza
  • Skank
  • Skuba
  • Skamoondongos
  • Boi Mamão
  • Ovos Presley
  • Os Cervejas
  • Os Cabeloduro
  • Sapo Banjo
  • Time Bomb Girls
  • Bisk8
  • Roupa Nova
  • Engenheiros do Hawaii
  • Ultraje a Rigor
  • Biquíni Cavadão
  • Kid Abelha
  • Raça Negra
  • Seu Jorge
  • Péricles
  • Calcinha Preta
  • Banda Djavú
  • Desejo de Menina
  • Forrozão Tropykália
  • Reginaldo Rossi
  • Ara Ketu
  • Michel Teló
  • Paula Fernandes
  • Victor & Leo



  • Pagode
  • Forró
  • Sertanejo
  • Tecnobrega
  • MPB
  • Brazilian Rock