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Bombardier is a fairly new subculture that emerged in the mid 2010s and early 2020s in Romania. The Bombardieri are described as people attracted to kitschy forms and expressions in art and culture. Things commonly associated with the subculture include car culture and car models such as E90, E46, X5 and F10 models of BMWs and Audi A5, cheap Mercedes E and C class. Other important aspects include Vagabond clothing and Manele or Trap music. The Bombardier subculture has some subgenres such as Americanized Bombardier and the Bombardier subculture is usually associated with the Balkans and Roma people. It branched off the Cocalar subculture.


  • Audis, BMWs, Mercedes, and other budget fake-sports cars
  • Posing with your money
  • Playing music on a speaker while using public transport
  • Generally trying to be "cool"
  • Boasting and bragging about making money



  • Vagabond clothing
  • Fake high fashion t-shirts, sunglasses, sneakers,
  • Molded t-shirts and shorts
  • Buzz cuts and "cool hairstyle" type hairstyles
  • Thick gold jewlery
  • Vapes/disposable vapes
  • The only type of shoes that Bombardier has are sneakers