Bodikon is a style centered around the distinctive style of dress by the same name, bodycon. The style was most popular in the late 1980s and very early 1990s.


The body-conscious fashion presented by Azzedine Alaía at the 1981 Milan Collection was the first to attract attention.

Ironically, with an increasing social progress of feminism, Japan entered an era in which women were trying to regain their sensual femininity.

Women's fashion in the 80's is also called "New Rich" and "Executive Woman", and the power suit with shoulder pads was considered a status symbol of business success for women. It was also reflected in.


Wavy long hair with curled bangs and a mini dress that emphasizes the line of the body, a style that emphasizes the femininity of the body.

Wanren's long hair, light blue eyeshadow, and bright pink lips are also included in the set, and it is called "Wanren Bodycon" and attracts attention.


Not only the collection brands that advocated this style, but also the DC brands in the relatively easy-to-purchase price range became popular due to the demand in the student disco party and office scene. In particular, Pinky & Diane was worn by so many people that it was called the "pin-die phenomenon."

Popular Brands:

  • Alpha Cubic
  • Junko Shimada
  • Pinky & Diane
  • Azzedine Alaia
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