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Blue Night is an aesthetic that is very similar to Dazecore, but with a darker color palette and having a sadder and more depressing vibe to it. It has a cold and dark color palette along with a very pessimistic yet calming mood that some people may find comforting.


Blue Night is centered around the feelings of sadness, loneliness and depression. Its mood is very pessimistic yet calming at the same time and while some people may find it depressing, it may give some a feeling of comfort to some.


A lot of elements of the Blue Night aesthetic cross over into the Dazecore aesthetic, but the color scheme is cooler and darker. It often incorporates images of empty places borrowed from the After Hours aesthetic that have been edited to have a dark blue color palette. At times, it may also incorporate elements of Lo-Fi or Cyberpunk.

  • blue neon lights
  • dark blue neon signs
  • lightning
  • empty places
  • sad text
  • cities at night
  • moons
  • blue or white flowers


Blue night fashion is similar to techwear but is more simplistic, with less accessories and focus on functionality. Blue night fashion is centered around all black, covering, baggy & oversized unisex clothes that do not show any skin or curves for a gloomy, mysterious look. Clothing items that are present in most blue night outfits include, but are not limited to:

  • oversized black hoodies
  • black sweatpants
  • black fight boots
  • black face masks
  • black leather gloves




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