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MarieBMS MarieBMS 25 April 2021


so um, I'm into cute-creepy aesthetics but I don't think I'm allowed to use traumacore. Is there a cute-creepy aesthetic that i can use?

The cute-creepy aesthetic concepts that I'm into is:


running away

dead animals

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00Eternalwinter00 00Eternalwinter00 25 April 2021

How do you access the discord server?


I heard that there was a discord server for this wiki, but I couldn't find any link to it. If someone could link it for me that would be nice

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SatansLittleDemon3 SatansLittleDemon3 23 April 2021


Ok so TV core!!! Its based on tv heads and think about it

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The prophet of Water Sheep The prophet of Water Sheep 21 April 2021

OK everyone listen up

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The prophet of Water Sheep The prophet of Water Sheep 20 April 2021


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CoffeecopyBreak CoffeecopyBreak 14 April 2021

I'm going to be honest here.

If you though that deleting a message in message wall is a serious offense that can result to a peril or violation in the entire fandom community that you need to block then I think you need some help.

I don't think I should be importune trying to edit about creator or other things anymore because I'm wrong, sorry for that. Yes I got it you cannot put the page creator anymore but I'm just fear that people might be stealing credit of the actual creator, whether they're an aesthetic creators or a page creators. But if the community is fine with that, then I must respect that since I'm not a mod I'm just a guest who can't manage anything further beyond that. That miniaturecore page post have long been forgotten around so I do not remember the …

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Aikairaa Aikairaa 13 April 2021


Is there an aesthetic for studying marine life? andd exploring the oceans? Maybe something similar to dark academia and the nautical/dark nautical? If it doesn't exist, can we call it nautical academia?

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The prophet of Water Sheep The prophet of Water Sheep 12 April 2021

New aesthetic idea/Spiralcore

ok here me out. SPIRALCORE. an aesthetic with those spinny spin spiral things and black and white

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~EijiroKirishimaSimp~ ~EijiroKirishimaSimp~ 11 April 2021

Taking a break

Hey. I'm going to take a break from fandom for a while because I'm not feeling too good. I'll come back soon. Take care everyone :)

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Maayumi Maayumi 8 April 2021


Man i keep on telling my friends that im not gay

seriously im not

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HoneyMantis HoneyMantis 4 April 2021

Example of BugCore

This is a drawing I did to give you an idea of bugcore, as you see she took the pink and white from the orchid mantis and incorporated it into her outfit. Many see the mantis as elegant so as you can see she wears an elegant comodo

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HoneyMantis HoneyMantis 3 April 2021

Bug Aesthetic 🐝🐞🕷

⚠️Quick Disclaimer I’m doing this for fun, I’m not the best writer so please don’t get irritated when I make mistakes, thank you and have fun reading ⚠️


Bugcore is based off of various bugs such as spiders, worms, insects, beetles, and scorpions. Their whole outfits normally are based off of one certain bug, for example if they like the black widow they might have makeup web designs, they could also paint in extra eyes and paint fangs. For the outfit, the main colors it would be black with red designs, maybe even some silk web patterns. Some might have extra arms to represent the arachnid family that they are based off.

Some might not dress as bugs some might just like bugs, study bugs, watch bugs, or mainly just interact with the b…

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The prophet of Water Sheep The prophet of Water Sheep 3 April 2021

Anglo goth needs more attention!

Omg Anglo Gothic needs so much more love. :( I'm part of the dark Anglo and cottagecore communities and almost no one talks about it it is sooooooooo underrated so y'all need to check it out

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~EijiroKirishimaSimp~ ~EijiroKirishimaSimp~ 1 April 2021

New Idea!

I just came up with a new aesthetic. It's called Tiredcore. Basically, it's about being tired all the time and wanting to sleep, but you can't seem to sleep. Some outfits I think would be best for this aesthetic would be pajamas, sweaters, sweatpants, slippers, etc. Basically anything comfortable. It's something similar to the Dreamy aesthetic. The color palette would be light colors and dark colors.

Here are some images that represent the aesthetic:

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~EijiroKirishimaSimp~ ~EijiroKirishimaSimp~ 31 March 2021


What aesthetic would I get if I combined Animecore and E-Girl? I have anime clothing and stuff like that and my hair is an E-Girl style hair, so anyone have any ideas?

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Seth'sArt Seth'sArt 25 March 2021

New aesthetic ideas!

Some new aesthetic ideas I thought about at 4:00 A.M. and decided to talk about today! Now, I'm not the best writer and I do make mistakes, so please don't be irritated when I mess up, thank you! I also have no idea what I'm doing! :D

(I haven't come up with a name)

I'm crediting AngelxBunny, they inspired me to put this as one of the aesthetic ideas, thank you!a Accurate Angels are based off biblical angels, which I can only explain what they look like based on pictures. To me a biblical angel looks like a bunch of rings that have thousands of eyes on them, and have more than a one pair of wings. It also seems like fire will be added onto the rings. The description that AngelxBunny gave was similar to mine. They said "Too many wings, and to…

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Zerlist Zerlist 24 March 2021


So I was wondering something and thought here would be a good place to ask this question.

Is there a aesthetic for collecting things like sticks, leaves, and rocks (and painting the rocks like houses, mountains, ruins, etc) and making a little scene (like a village, forest, sky, etc) from them? I'm just really curious.

If it doesn't exist then uh...

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LisaUwU123 LisaUwU123 20 March 2021

i gots nothing better to do with my life so.. ima look at aesthetics!


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SincerelyMemes SincerelyMemes 17 March 2021

Looking For An Aesthetic

I'm sorry for asking, but could anyone help me find an aesthetic for a character? I'm not really familiar with them but I have one in mind. Sort of an anti-kawaii one, not like YamiKawaii or any other subgenre of it, just strictly against it. I'm sorry if this is kinda vague!

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TheVoyageSystem TheVoyageSystem 7 March 2021

Looking for an aesthetic!

I was looking fir an aesthetic that's like an old 1920s speakeasy. You know cigars and drinking, suspenders, trilby hats and fedoras, flappers and jazz, piano music, secret passcodes, wood counters, moonshine. Common folk, not high class or fancy. Just regular people. It'd obviously have some mafia tones to it but like....mafia is too fancy and expensive. This is like.....a guy coming back from his 9 to 5 job and wanting a drink but it's illegal cuz it's the prohibition so he's gotta go to this seedy joint to get anything.

It's a particular mood that none of the pages on here seem to really capture.

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RosesAndSunflowers RosesAndSunflowers 7 March 2021

New aesthetic idea, wanting help

I have a couple new aesthetic ideas, but I think I may need help fleshing them out. Is anyone willing to talk about it?

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Courtingtrouble Courtingtrouble 6 March 2021

I like many others need aesthetic finding help

Like the title says I would like help finding my aesthetic if possible so let's get started shall we (What am I doing?)

Colours I prefer wearing:Dark colours just in general, neutrals (Excluding beige and white most of the time but not always.), pastels, and dark gem-tones.

Tops:Ruffles (Any where really I'm not all that picky), high necks, button ups (Normal and odd this goes for dress shirts and polos of course), collared shirts, flannel, band/fandom tees, turtlenecks (Tighter preferred as it feels better than the loose necked turtle necks) , puff sleeves (Medium to extreme is preferred), bat wing sleeve, angel sleeve, bishop sleeve, long to three quarter sleeves (Most often unless I am wearing some kind of jacket, coat, cardigan, or hoodi…

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ReversedTime ReversedTime 4 March 2021

Help me find my aesthetic!

Hi! I need help finding my aesthetic. Aesthetic quizzes dont really work for me since they are either inaccurate or too general. I am hoping someone who has more knowledge on aesthetics will be able to help!

Here is some things about me:

Age: 16

Music I enjoy:

  • Imagine Dragons
  • Lord Huron
  • Cavetown
  • Machine Girl
  • Crystal Castles
  • Jack Stauber
  • MGMT
  • Nero's Day At Disneyland
  • Mumford and Sons
  • Mother Mother

Clothing style:

  • Plaid jackets
  • Denim jackets
  • Cargo pants
  • Sweaters
  • Tank tops
  • Chains
  • Silver jewellery (rings, necklaces, etc.)
  • Combat boots (I like it when they are muddy :P)

Activies I like doing:

  • Going on long walks through the forest
  • Exploring abandoned buildings
  • Sketching cryptids
  • Reading about conspiracy theories and urban legends
  • Looking through old photos, documents, vid…
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~EijiroKirishimaSimp~ ~EijiroKirishimaSimp~ 1 March 2021

Eijiro Kirishima aesthetic

I just have one question.. what would Eijiro Kirishima's (a character from the anime "My Hero Academia") aesthetic be?

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Swooshdoozy Swooshdoozy 25 February 2021

finding aesthetic help

I'm still a bit new to fandom wikis so apologies if this isn't the best way to ask, but aesthetic quizzes are too general, so I decided to ask for help here instead.

I'll try not to make it too long, the things I like are very... varied?

  • 1 Shows/Web series
  • 2 Music
    • 2.1 Artists
    • 2.2 Songs
  • 3 Extra

A majority of these are animated. I fucking love animation.

  • ENA
  • Helluva Boss
  • Invader Zim
  • TMNT (specifically the 2012 and 2018 series)
  • Little Witch Academia
  • Brand New Animal
  • Animaniacs (original, but the reboot's cool too)

The ones I listen to regularly (not in order).

  • Metaroom
  • Tally Hall
  • Glass Animals
  • Ninja Sex Party
  • Lemon Demon
  • Danny Gonzalez

The few certain songs from an artist I really like (also not in order).

  • stupid horse - 100 gecs
  • Memento Mori: the most important thing in t…

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Ladybbug bby Ladybbug bby 24 February 2021

Help me find my aesthetic

  • 1 Hello! So I think this blog is the only way for me to ask for my aesthetic help sadly- :( But here you go!
    • 1.1 Fashion
    • 1.2 Hobbies
    • 1.3 Extra/Unneeded (Or so I've heard)

  • Sweater Vest
  • Corduroy, Cargo, and Plaid Bottoms
  • Polo Shirts/Shirts with a Collar
  • Turtlenecks
  • Fake glasses
  • Simple necklaces
  • Cute pattern socks
  • Ties

  • Sitting in the grass
  • Saying hi to mr tree (A tree in my backyard that looks like a cute lil monster)
  • Playing animal crossing
  • Gardening
  • Tea time (My favorite is lavender tea)
  • Cooking/Baking

Pronouns: They/Them

Gender: Female

Emojis: 🐞🍄🍫

Sexuality: Lesbian

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~EijiroKirishimaSimp~ ~EijiroKirishimaSimp~ 23 February 2021

Help me find my aesthetic

Hello. I'm trying to find my aesthetic I need some help with it. Here are some things I like:

My favorite animals are cats.

I love anime, especially My Hero Academia, Danganronpa, and Naruto.

I love playing on my Nintendo Switch. One game I have been playing a lot lately is Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

My hair is long, brown and it has blonde highlights in the front.

I love wearing graphic anime t shirts, oversized sweaters, leggings (not really a fan of tight jeans or tight leggings, or just jeans in general).

My favorite colors are red, pink, black, blue, and white.

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Bendybella10 Bendybella10 21 February 2021


So, I am deciding to make an aesthetic, a sub aesthetic to Petcore, birdcore. Its just aesthetic birds, here is what its like (it can be goth, soft, and other) (notice im russian, so english MIGHT be bad, im using a translator)

Goth Birdcore

-Raven themed clothing


-Black Sneakers

-Devil Horns

Soft Birdcore

-Robin/ETC themed clothing


-Long, Faded hair


-Angel Halo

This is my try at this

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TheSnekDen TheSnekDen 20 February 2021

What aesthetic is Tron Legacy

Here are some example images

(sorry I don't know how to put images in right)


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Earbuwds Earbuwds 19 February 2021

I do not know my aesthetic

OK, ao these are the things I like.

My favorite artisits are: Clairo, BENEE

I like fairies, cute animals, old cartoons, and lastly, old mossy cottages

I like to play roblox alot my usuer is BIurryMemoryx

and that's basically all there is.

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Aspect of the Morning star Aspect of the Morning star 16 February 2021

What's up with the new moderators that emerge recently

Recently I just notice that some newcomers that just got here have just been promote to mods frequently, like, what happened??? What's up with mods that active frequently now??? Did they join discord and ask to be a mod or something? Since some don't active or contribute much.

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Markiessunflower Markiessunflower 16 February 2021


so i don't really know what i'm doing here but i guess all you need to know about me is im a kpop stan, a weeb, a hufflepuff and im antisocial

oh i also love the colour yellow

and sunflowers

and the sun it makes me happy

and animals

and i write songs

and yeah i think that's it

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Iishadow2 Iishadow2 14 February 2021


i made 3 aesthetics, i feel like all of them, mostly the first one i created. can i make 3 pages about them?

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PixelLily PixelLily 11 February 2021

What is the my overall aesthetic

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Chipsvchocolatex Chipsvchocolatex 10 February 2021

What’s my aesthetic I can’t seem to figure it out

Colors: Yellow, Orange and Green

I like Animals, balloons, taking pictures and I wear comfy clothes.

That’s pretty much it-

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MnM flavored MnM MnM flavored MnM 9 February 2021

Whats my asthetic

wait nevermind how to i work this site

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Aembersparks Aembersparks 5 February 2021

The Atlantic Wrote An Article About Us

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TrashcanFurry TrashcanFurry 5 February 2021

Whats this character's aesthetic

I dont know what aesthetic he has??

I cant put pictures because my computer sucks but like, you can google search.

Name: Angel Dust

From: Hazbin Hotel

Cause whatever it is is totally my aesthetic

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RosesAndSunflowers RosesAndSunflowers 1 February 2021

What’s my aesthetic 👀


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Well0Dressed0Trash Well0Dressed0Trash 31 January 2021

Help with an artists aesthetic

I need help figuring out an artists aesthetic. The one I’m mentioning is Alec Benjamin. Each of his songs has a story hidden in the lyrics and just yes. I’m not sure if the aesthetic would be matched with the actual music or the stories in the lyrics or both but ye.

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Dollycash Dollycash 31 January 2021

gravity falls aesthetic

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MooooMuffin MooooMuffin 30 January 2021

me need help help

sooooo- idk what my aesthetic is-

i love kidcore and babycore (kidcore the most) but also seacore and a lil bit of lo-fi

hmmm i really wanna find out because all aesthetics are so cool but i just dont know-

(and sorry im so awkward, im new)

+edit: i also like decora and vaporwave so idk a lot of rainbows

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Aspect of the Morning star Aspect of the Morning star 29 January 2021

Holy mother of the lord 1,000 posts!!!

OMG. I have never this dedicate before, even more that my study. (don't worry just want to celebrate myself)

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Hotel202 Hotel202 26 January 2021

What aesthetic is this

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Alyssa2R Alyssa2R 25 January 2021

Help me find my aesthetic (impossible)

hewo! or yo. thats what i most likley use. I know right 2 completly diffrent things. (sorry if my english is bad im dutch) So i dont really know my aesthetic. Just like this; im really messy and have no motivation to clean my room. But i love to organise like im having a spa all the nail polish good etc. In the winter wear like black hoodies. But in the summer im more into croptops who have an pastel colour. My favo colour is: Dark green my second is yelloww. It makes me happy just like the music i listen 2 on the other side i listen to sad music because i feel like it. I hate people (i have to pretend i have energy. Somethimes i am the opisote like i have all the energy of the world) but when my friends can't play i get really sad because…

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My Name Is Poet I Am A Phillip My Name Is Poet I Am A Phillip 25 January 2021

The gorecore page's title has been fixed!

I finally figured out how to edit the title so that it doesn't show up under Gore Academia, but if anyone's having any problems please let me know!

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YourEverydayWeebGamer YourEverydayWeebGamer 22 January 2021

Please help me find my aesthetic UwU

Hi so if anyone can help me find my personal aesthetic that would be awesome. These are the things I like:

Outfits: Anime graphic T's, oversized T-shirts, oversized sweaters jean shorts, jeans, leggings

Video Games: Danganronpa, Animal Crossing, My Hero One's Justice 2, Minecraft, Mario Kart, Splatoon, Five Nights at Freddy's

Anime: My Hero Academia, Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun, Naruto, Danganronpa

Favorite Youtuber: Bijuu Mike

Animals: Cats, bunnies

Favorite Culture: Japanese/Japan

Season: Fall

Colors: Black, pink, white, purple, blue

Music: K-Pop (BTS, BlackPink), Alan Walker, Marshmello

Hobbies: Reading, writing, drawing, creating OC's

Other: Creepypasta, Neopets

Favorite Aesthetics: Pastel Goth, Animecore, dark academia

My Personality: I'm laid-back, calm, cute, s…

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IndieAestheticHeart IndieAestheticHeart 15 January 2021

Idea for a quiz to help people find their aesthetic

I've noticed that most of the blog posts are people asking for help figuring out their personal aesthetic. So, I'm probably not the first person to think of making a quiz to help people find this out for themselves.

It would be cool to have something like the Hogwarts House quizzes, where you could choose between things like different colors, music genres, or outfits. Then, at the end it would recommend a few different aesthetic pages for the person to look at.

Does anyone like this idea or know anything about making online quizzes? Please tell me if you do, and you're welcome to steal my idea and make your own since I'm sure I'm not the first person this has occurred to.


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Lina hiyori Lina hiyori 14 January 2021

hi hi can u help me find my aesthetic

hiiii so i'm new, sorry if anything i say sounds weird! i know that there's a lot of people asking the same thing, but can you help me find my aesthetic? the thing is that i love a lot of different aesthetics and it's hard for me to find similarities between them.. so i thought that i could use some help and/or recommendations!

colors: pink (i love all shades of it, pastel, hot pink, darker shades, etc), purple, light blue, teal

season: winter

music: melanie martinez, alec benjamin, twenty one pilots, marina, taylor swift, lady gaga, i also love vocaloid songs, k-pop (bts, loona, blackpink, red velvet, everglow, mamamoo) and musicals (hamilton, heathers, six, dear evan hansen, be more chill, 35 mm)

style: umm it's really hard to describe my style…

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AlternativeGother AlternativeGother 13 January 2021

I found someones aesthetic!

I helped someone find their aesthetic here, im rlly happy about it :D

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