~EijiroKirishimaSimp~ ~EijiroKirishimaSimp~ 2 days ago

Eijiro Kirishima aesthetic

I just have one question.. what would Eijiro Kirishima's (a character from the anime "My Hero Academia") aesthetic be?

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Swooshdoozy Swooshdoozy 6 days ago

finding aesthetic help

I'm still a bit new to fandom wikis so apologies if this isn't the best way to ask, but aesthetic quizzes are too general, so I decided to ask for help here instead.

I'll try not to make it too long, the things I like are very... varied?

  • 1 Shows/Web series
  • 2 Music
    • 2.1 Artists
    • 2.2 Songs
  • 3 Extra

A majority of these are animated. I fucking love animation.

  • ENA
  • Helluva Boss
  • Invader Zim
  • TMNT (specifically the 2012 and 2018 series)
  • Little Witch Academia
  • Brand New Animal
  • Animaniacs (original, but the reboot's cool too)

The ones I listen to regularly (not in order).

  • Metaroom
  • Tally Hall
  • Glass Animals
  • Ninja Sex Party
  • Lemon Demon
  • Danny Gonzalez

The few certain songs from an artist I really like (also not in order).

  • stupid horse - 100 gecs
  • Memento Mori: the most important thing in t…

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Ladybbug bby Ladybbug bby 6 days ago

Help me find my aesthetic

  • 1 Hello! So I think this blog is the only way for me to ask for my aesthetic help sadly- :( But here you go!
    • 1.1 Fashion
    • 1.2 Hobbies
    • 1.3 Extra/Unneeded (Or so I've heard)

  • Sweater Vest
  • Corduroy, Cargo, and Plaid Bottoms
  • Polo Shirts/Shirts with a Collar
  • Turtlenecks
  • Fake glasses
  • Simple necklaces
  • Cute pattern socks
  • Ties

  • Sitting in the grass
  • Saying hi to mr tree (A tree in my backyard that looks like a cute lil monster)
  • Playing animal crossing
  • Gardening
  • Tea time (My favorite is lavender tea)
  • Cooking/Baking

Pronouns: They/Them

Gender: Female

Emojis: 🐞🍄🍫

Sexuality: Lesbian

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~EijiroKirishimaSimp~ ~EijiroKirishimaSimp~ 8 days ago

Help me find my aesthetic

Hello. I'm trying to find my aesthetic I need some help with it. Here are some things I like:

My favorite animals are cats.

I love anime, especially My Hero Academia, Danganronpa, and Naruto.

I love playing on my Nintendo Switch. One game I have been playing a lot lately is Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

My hair is long, brown and it has blonde highlights in the front.

I love wearing graphic anime t shirts, oversized sweaters, leggings (not really a fan of tight jeans or tight leggings, or just jeans in general).

My favorite colors are red, pink, black, blue, and white.

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Chivseraph Chivseraph 9 days ago

Urban wolf/werewolf

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Bendybella10 Bendybella10 10 days ago


So, I am deciding to make an aesthetic, a sub aesthetic to Petcore, birdcore. Its just aesthetic birds, here is what its like (it can be goth, soft, and other) (notice im russian, so english MIGHT be bad, im using a translator)

Goth Birdcore

-Raven themed clothing


-Black Sneakers

-Devil Horns

Soft Birdcore

-Robin/ETC themed clothing


-Long, Faded hair


-Angel Halo

This is my try at this

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TheSnekDen TheSnekDen 10 days ago

What aesthetic is Tron Legacy

Here are some example images

(sorry I don't know how to put images in right)


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Earbuwds Earbuwds 12 days ago

I do not know my aesthetic

OK, ao these are the things I like.

My favorite artisits are: Clairo, BENEE

I like fairies, cute animals, old cartoons, and lastly, old mossy cottages

I like to play roblox alot my usuer is BIurryMemoryx

and that's basically all there is.

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What's up with the new moderators that emerge recently

Recently I just notice that some newcomers that just got here have just been promote to mods frequently, like, what happened??? What's up with mods that active frequently now??? Did they join discord and ask to be a mod or something? Since some don't active or contribute much.

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Markiessunflower Markiessunflower 15 days ago


so i don't really know what i'm doing here but i guess all you need to know about me is im a kpop stan, a weeb, a hufflepuff and im antisocial

oh i also love the colour yellow

and sunflowers

and the sun it makes me happy

and animals

and i write songs

and yeah i think that's it

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Iishadow2 Iishadow2 16 days ago


i made 3 aesthetics, i feel like all of them, mostly the first one i created. can i make 3 pages about them?

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PixelLily PixelLily 20 days ago

What is the my overall aesthetic

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Chipsvchocolatex Chipsvchocolatex 21 days ago

What’s my aesthetic I can’t seem to figure it out

Colors: Yellow, Orange and Green

I like Animals, balloons, taking pictures and I wear comfy clothes.

That’s pretty much it-

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MnM flavored MnM MnM flavored MnM 21 days ago

Whats my asthetic

wait nevermind how to i work this site

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Aembersparks Aembersparks 25 days ago

The Atlantic Wrote An Article About Us


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TrashcanFurry TrashcanFurry 25 days ago

Whats this character's aesthetic

I dont know what aesthetic he has??

I cant put pictures because my computer sucks but like, you can google search.

Name: Angel Dust

From: Hazbin Hotel

Cause whatever it is is totally my aesthetic

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RosesAndSunflowers RosesAndSunflowers 29 days ago

What’s my aesthetic 👀


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Well0Dressed0Trash Well0Dressed0Trash 31 January

Help with an artists aesthetic

I need help figuring out an artists aesthetic. The one I’m mentioning is Alec Benjamin. Each of his songs has a story hidden in the lyrics and just yes. I’m not sure if the aesthetic would be matched with the actual music or the stories in the lyrics or both but ye.

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Dollycash Dollycash 31 January

gravity falls aesthetic

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MooooMuffin MooooMuffin 30 January

me need help help

sooooo- idk what my aesthetic is-

i love kidcore and babycore (kidcore the most) but also seacore and a lil bit of lo-fi

hmmm i really wanna find out because all aesthetics are so cool but i just dont know-

(and sorry im so awkward, im new)

+edit: i also like decora and vaporwave so idk a lot of rainbows

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Holy mother of the lord 1,000 posts!!!

OMG. I have never this dedicate before, even more that my study. (don't worry just want to celebrate myself)

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Hotel202 Hotel202 26 January

What aesthetic is this

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Alyssa2R Alyssa2R 25 January

Help me find my aesthetic (impossible)

hewo! or yo. thats what i most likley use. I know right 2 completly diffrent things. (sorry if my english is bad im dutch) So i dont really know my aesthetic. Just like this; im really messy and have no motivation to clean my room. But i love to organise like im having a spa all the nail polish good etc. In the winter wear like black hoodies. But in the summer im more into croptops who have an pastel colour. My favo colour is: Dark green my second is yelloww. It makes me happy just like the music i listen 2 on the other side i listen to sad music because i feel like it. I hate people (i have to pretend i have energy. Somethimes i am the opisote like i have all the energy of the world) but when my friends can't play i get really sad because…

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The gorecore page's title has been fixed!

I finally figured out how to edit the title so that it doesn't show up under Gore Academia, but if anyone's having any problems please let me know!

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YourEverydayWeebGamer YourEverydayWeebGamer 22 January

Please help me find my aesthetic UwU

Hi so if anyone can help me find my personal aesthetic that would be awesome. These are the things I like:

Outfits: Anime graphic T's, oversized T-shirts, oversized sweaters jean shorts, jeans, leggings

Video Games: Danganronpa, Animal Crossing, My Hero One's Justice 2, Minecraft, Mario Kart, Splatoon, Five Nights at Freddy's

Anime: My Hero Academia, Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun, Naruto, Danganronpa

Favorite Youtuber: Bijuu Mike

Animals: Cats, bunnies

Favorite Culture: Japanese/Japan

Season: Fall

Colors: Black, pink, white, purple, blue

Music: K-Pop (BTS, BlackPink), Alan Walker, Marshmello

Hobbies: Reading, writing, drawing, creating OC's

Other: Creepypasta, Neopets

Favorite Aesthetics: Pastel Goth, Animecore, dark academia

My Personality: I'm laid-back, calm, cute, s…

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IndieAestheticHeart IndieAestheticHeart 15 January

Idea for a quiz to help people find their aesthetic

I've noticed that most of the blog posts are people asking for help figuring out their personal aesthetic. So, I'm probably not the first person to think of making a quiz to help people find this out for themselves.

It would be cool to have something like the Hogwarts House quizzes, where you could choose between things like different colors, music genres, or outfits. Then, at the end it would recommend a few different aesthetic pages for the person to look at.

Does anyone like this idea or know anything about making online quizzes? Please tell me if you do, and you're welcome to steal my idea and make your own since I'm sure I'm not the first person this has occurred to.


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Lina hiyori Lina hiyori 14 January

hi hi can u help me find my aesthetic

hiiii so i'm new, sorry if anything i say sounds weird! i know that there's a lot of people asking the same thing, but can you help me find my aesthetic? the thing is that i love a lot of different aesthetics and it's hard for me to find similarities between them.. so i thought that i could use some help and/or recommendations!

colors: pink (i love all shades of it, pastel, hot pink, darker shades, etc), purple, light blue, teal

season: winter

music: melanie martinez, alec benjamin, twenty one pilots, marina, taylor swift, lady gaga, i also love vocaloid songs, k-pop (bts, loona, blackpink, red velvet, everglow, mamamoo) and musicals (hamilton, heathers, six, dear evan hansen, be more chill, 35 mm)

style: umm it's really hard to describe my style…

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AlternativeGother AlternativeGother 13 January

I found someones aesthetic!

I helped someone find their aesthetic here, im rlly happy about it :D

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𝙬𝙝𝙖𝙩 𝙞𝙨 𝙢𝙮 𝙖𝙚𝙨𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙩𝙞𝙘

wondering if there’s a name for my aesthetic

it’s like a cross between dark academia, indie and the soft girl aesthetic

colour scheme: navy blue, pastel colours

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AlternativeGother AlternativeGother 12 January



I found someone at my school who is also alt goth! Awesome, they dress amazing and very simular to me too!

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Arenic Arenic 5 January


Ok i am disappointed that it's not biblically accurate angels let's make another version of angelcore but biblically accurate i need it

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Prismatic Glow Prismatic Glow 2 January

Help finding my aesthetic :P

Hi! I need some help finding my aesthetic cuz I feel like nothing matches owu. So first off here's an explanation of it using already existing aesthetics i guess idk how to explain :3

ok so:

-very colorful, rainbowcore maybe? but when you search that up it's eye ouching images so maybe just the colors i guess

-hobicore but without the bts and not really the clothes

-kidcore but not really primary colors and clowns and that kinda thing, more like a mix of kidcore+pastel kidcore with fun clothing, maybe some rainbow teddy bears, BRACELETSSSSSSSSSSS

-indie kid but only the shoes. only the shoes

okay now here's some more info and stuff i like

-sneakers/slip ons/crocs

-candy themed jewlery


-Bright rainbow/pastel tie dye

-T-shirts, hoodies, long …

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CuteKawaiiSunset CuteKawaiiSunset 31 December 2020

Favorite Aesthetics

My favorite aesthetics













Kawaii/Pink Kawaii

















Pink Vintage(okay)

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Captain Hydro Captain Hydro 18 December 2020

Asking About Aesthetics

What kind of aesthetic would Danger Days by My Chemical Romance be? (Both the album, its music videos and the comic book.) I’ve been trying to find it on this wiki for a while, but I can’t seem to find just what it is; it’s a post-apocalyptic world in the album and comic book, although it’s very stylized, anarchistic and flashy, very heavy glam rock vibes. In the absence of an answer, I’ve just been referring to it as “Glamourpunk.” Does anyone know the real aesthetic that would fit Danger Days’ description?

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Vera223 Vera223 17 December 2020

Finding a Aesthetic

Can somebody give me some tips for aesthetics? I have been googling and searching for aesthetics for a while and can not really find one that fits me. Dark academia comes close (but I am a little chaotic) and cottage gore seems also interesting (but I am not that into country life). I can describe myself the best with a dark forest fairy or nymph aesthetic but I don’t know if that exists.

Colours: Dark green, dark red, brown, I also like some vibrant colours as detail, maybe some gold

Season: Autumn (and I like the late-summer evenings)

Music: Florence + the machine, Marina, Pink Floyd (the wall especially), Iron Maiden, Nightwish, Rosalia (mostly her more flamenco inspired music), London Grammar, Fleetwood Mac, The Cure, Queens of the Stone …

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BabieofDaYear BabieofDaYear 14 December 2020

What happened to Xericcore

It was one of my favorite aesthetics and based off of succulents and the desert, does anyone know why it was taken down or how to get it back up again?

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Hotel202 Hotel202 10 December 2020

okay but how

How to actually choose an aesthetic like I know you are free to follow as many as you want but for the indecisive people like me heemmmmm it's hard so yeah How you all did you make it to follow ans stick to ONLY ONE aesthetic ???

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Graviphantalia Graviphantalia 7 December 2020

Are aesthetics going to be a fad

I recently asked the Lolita community on whether or not it is an aesthetic and I got an interesting response from a person who was in the community for much longer than me. She suggested that aesthetics like Dark Academia and Cottagecore aren't going to have the same longevity as Lolita, Goth, and other subcultures because of their lack of close-knit communities and their generally loose guidelines in comparison to our fashion. As much as I hate to say it, I think it's kind of true. I was in the tumblr community in its "grunge" phase and I have not seen a pleated skirt + band tee combo in literal years. There aren't any blogs that are "authorities" on the subject, rules of the fashion, drama threads that get referenced as an inside joke, i…

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Nickfree8 Nickfree8 3 December 2020


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Jaydellz Jaydellz 1 December 2020

help me find my aesthetic !!

Hello, I know there's alot of ppl here, but please help me find my true aesthetic.

  • Style: Kinda soft, trendy, vsco, bohemian, casual style, art hoe, retro, art mom, seacore
  • Music: happy vibe, nostalgic, summer kind- (pop) american songs! (also japanese)
  • Colors: White, Linen, Green, Light Blue
  • Season: Summer (if that counts idk)
  • i rlly love traveling, taking pictures, going to the beach and i love to draw! i'm very nostalgic and emotional- i love music that makes me happy. I also like to paint and do ukelele.  

: traveling, taking pictures, artistic, nostalgic

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Anacelyortega Anacelyortega 28 November 2020

I need help on how to do fairycore

I'm new to this fairycore and i kinda need someone that knows a lot about it to help me out .

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Myran Toast Myran Toast 25 November 2020

I have an idea for an aesthetic


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Y a o s o b i Y a o s o b i 25 November 2020

Hii i'm new;

Hi! I was wondering if you guy's could help my find my aesthetic

Music : jpop,kpop,

Asian pop, american/eng pop (well pop)

80s-00 Japanese music

80s classics


Jrock band / ballad rock / ballad

Style: pastel, love beige, brown, cream, of white...light grey?

Favorite season is spring

I love cooking!, play the piano, music A LOT ! I don't read that much, prefer listening to music, or drawing along with cleaning! Not categorize myself as an artist (but many tell me otherwise)

I looove pretty and delicate and well made things such as flowers, plushies, pretty elegante clothing but never bought it along with anything anime related!. I'm totally the opposite actually (kinda lazy, organisation,..


Dream, nostalgia and melancholia, sorrow are my f…

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Meelze Meelze 25 November 2020

Go check out Malice Academia!

Malice academia

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Trashyyrat Trashyyrat 25 November 2020



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helooo da people

ok so im a skater girl i am just a human that acts like an alian and wants 3 to 4 friend sooooouuu ya
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Trashyyrat Trashyyrat 24 November 2020

Vandalization on Softcore

sO, Softcore has been vandalized by a person with a vulgar name. I don’t wanna undo it since all the evidence will not be as visible, so please help.

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Rvgothz Rvgothz 23 November 2020


hello im currently doing hw . . literally the WORST thing ever .

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KinnieMess KinnieMess 18 November 2020

poopwave is best aesthetic

hello i have made aesthetic name Poopwave so pls go to poopwaive thank is best aesthetic

(Its a joke aesthetic.)

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Hotel202 Hotel202 18 November 2020

Can you find my aesthetic

Is it okay if I wright here ? ^^'

I saw that many have ask to people what is their aesthetic by post so I wanted to try ! I put some picture here and down ! (I don't how to make this page pretty I'm new here sorry ;-;)

Music : jpop,kpop,

Asian pop, american/eng pop (well pop)

80s-00 Japanese music (The brillant green, Moritaka Chisato, Evey little things) City pop sometimes

80s classics

Jrock band / ballad rock / ballad

Style: Dead color, love beige, brown, cream, of white...

Favorite season is Autumn

I love singing, play the piano, music A LOT ! I don't read that much, prefer listening to music, or drawing. Not cathegorize myself as an artist (but many tell me otherwise)

I looove pretty and delicate and well made things such as jewellry, perfume, prett…

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