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Bimbo casual is an aesthetic associated with self-identified (typically queer) bimbos. In this context, a "bimbo" is defined as a kind, body-positive, sex-positive, woman or woman aligned person. This aesthetic is centered around warm/funky colours, a blending of feminine style with androgynous and masculine accents, and an embracing of one's sex appeal.


This aesthetic was invented by TikTok creator @nat.thewitch as part of her viral "Hot Girl Journey" series, a series of videos centered around finding confidence and self-love to feel hot.


Euphoria actress and model Barbie Ferreria is frequently featured in the Pinterest board that marks the creation of the aesthetic. The original TikTok creator herself could also be considered an exemplar of the aesthetic.


  • Red/pink
  • Crop tops
  • Corsets or structured tops
  • Highlighting one's curves
  • Chunky belts to accent one's waist
  • Colourful makeup
  • Well-groomed nails and hair
  • Rosy cheeks
  • Glossy lips
  • Silk robes or pajamas
  • Tops that highlight the bust area
  • Fun and colourful eye makeup