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Bikers are a subculture revolving around riding motorcycles, and the lifestyle/culture associated with it. The Biker Aesthetic is not quite the bike itself, or anyone who rides one, but a specific type of style and attitude that is associated with it. The biker aesthetic is an image of toughness, roughness, sex appeal, and danger.


Though motorcycles have been around since the 1800's (commercially, since the 1900's), the ‘biker culture’ as we know it now had its roots in post-world-war-II. With the men coming back from service, motorcycle advertising changed to reflect a masculine aesthetic, with women being pushes out of the picture, or included only as passengers for sex appeal. This push was part of the post-war movement for men to return to their prior ‘masculine’ roles, with women returning to their ‘housewife’ duties.  


Although the reach of the aesthetic has spread across the world, It's mainly associated with America, Japan, and Britain. The aesthetics vary by region, though all share common aesthetics, such as the tough and ‘criminal’ association.


  • Leather jackets
  • Jacket patches (usually ‘edgy’ in nature)
  • Tattoos
  • Bandanas
  • Black
  • Bike helmets
  • jeans/ripped jeans
  • Leather vests
  • Beards
  • Finger-less gloves


Biker fashion changes culturally, but most incorporate leather, blacks and reds, studs, chains, jeans/denim, ‘punk’ styles, and ‘edgy’ styles. For women, there is usually an emphasis on sex appeal, while men emphasize masculinity and intimidation.


  • The Wild Angels (1966)


Metal, hard rock, and punk music is usually associated with bikers.